Are Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter Dating? HOLR is breaking down the latest rumours surrounding the alleged new couple!

Are Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter the new IT couple? Let’s break it down.

Shawn Mendes Girlfriend

Shawn Mendes publicly split from Camilla Cabello back in November of 2021 after dating since 2019. Since then, Mendes has been linked- most recently- to his longtime doctor Jocelyne Miranda.

As mentioned here, the duo was seen hiking the trails of Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon. Mendes even went shirtless for the occasion. According to this article, Miranda has been working with Mendes since 2018.

Mendes hasn’t confirmed a new relationship after being spotted with Miranda.

Shawn Mendes Sabrina Carpenter

After a recent outing this past week, could Mendes and Carpenter be the new IT couple? On Monday morning, the pair were spotted taking a walk together in Los Angeles as noted here. Although their relationship has not been confirmed, as mentioned here, a reported recent post from pop culture account Deux Moi also alleged the pair were dating so could the rumours be true?

We may have to wait and find out.

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