Someone said ` Not only are we in the 21st century but we are in 2021’ that means `Show up and Slay’. Often we see people only planning on slaying for the GRAM but it’s time to go beyond that.

Step ahead and lead the Gram to follow you. You ask how? Let’s talk fashion:

Over the past decades, we have seen the coolest trends and divers looks to the point, many gave us a run for our money. Fashion is a language, it is a mood, it influences the room and definitely gives a statement that’s why they say `Show up’.

Fashion is also revolutionary; it defines agendas, movements and educates society. Here are 5 quotes from some fashion moguls:  

  • ` Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes’ – Diana Vreeland
  • ` You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it’ – Edith Head
  • ` Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everything life’ – Bill Cunningham
  • ` Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them – Mare Jacobs

And LOL, let me add my own as number 5.

  • ` It is never about how much they worth but how strategic you mix them up, with your confidence and style’ – Kgotso Hope Lekau

Here are some cool outfits that may inspire this 2021 and help you show this year:                                                     

Cool Kid Vibe                                                        


Groove Ready  



Boss Babe     

Love is in the Air vibe

Getting dressed up is always a good boost to how we feel and go along with our days. The biggest question some of you have is, with all the restrictions do we still dress up? Of course, Go ahead!! Indulge in the wave of look-good, feel-good vibe this year, spend great moments of love through fashion.

Perhaps, you think `Black Friday’ last year was a young scam, so you didn’t shop till you drop!! Two things for you.

Who said you can’t revamp your wardrobe, yes, your own clothes, make them fresh and style up? Let me hook you up with a great online store on Instagram that would serve you for days. Check out @aseclothing and Boss Man is @se_ok_music.

Remember that song by Mariah Carey – `All I want for Christmas is you’, well this time, I say `All you should want is to feel good’ so prepare, check your clothes and play along… Let’s dress up, create memories with a glass of wine or champagne … Don’t drink and drive thou.