Clean water is essential in every home for healthy living and for carrying out regular chores. Whether you use the water in your home for drinking or for other daily purposes like washing clothes, showering, cleaning the place, or even watering plants, it is vital that your tap water is clean and free of any contaminants. Many homeowners find it difficult to determine whether or not their water is clean. Here are some of the clearest signs that can confirm your water is contaminated so that you can take immediate action

Bad Odor, Taste, or Color

Water is a very unique liquid; it has no taste, colour, or smell. So if at any point you notice that your water is starting to taste funny, smell bad, or has a cloudy colour, you should know that something is wrong. Changes in colour, taste, and odour are often clear signs of water contamination, and once you notice any of these signs you should make sure you take immediate action to clean up the water. You can even hire an expert to do the job on your behalf so that you can avoid any health risks. Make sure you do not drink any tap water that is likely to be contaminated so that you do not end up suffering from health complications that you can easily avoid if you use a filter or hire a professional to find out what is causing the contamination. 

Stains on Sinks and Tubs

When you open the taps in your sinks and tubs for daily water consumption, the sink or tub should remain clean so long as you are only using water. As mentioned by the professionals at Tucson filtration systems, if you notice that your sink or tub starts to stain quickly when you are only using water, then that may be a sign that the water is contaminated. If the stains are recurring for too long, then you should consider investing in a water filter to remove any contaminants that are causing the colour change in the water which in turn stains your tubs and sinks over time. 

Harsh Laundry

After you wash your laundry in the washing machine, you expect it to come out smelling fresh and feeling soft. If the laundry feels harsh or stiff after being washed, then that is a clear sign something is wrong with the water. You should not be too quick to judge your washing machine as water contamination may be the cause of the stiffness in your laundry, however, it can be easily dealt with. You may need to check if there is any corrosion or damage in the pipes causing the unclear water or you can simply hire a professional to work on that task for you and fix it. 

Low Pressure

The water pressure in your tap should be relatively strong on any average day. If the pressure is weaker than normal and starts getting weaker and weaker over time, then you should invest in a filter as the water is likely contaminated. Some water contaminants are relatively big, that they can cause blockage in pipes over time and cause the water pressure to be weak and unsteady. Sometimes all you may need is to remove all tap particles and give it a thorough cleanup from the inside to remove any lodging contaminants. However, at other times the problem may be in the water itself and you will need to buy a filter to get clean water and strong pressure in your taps. 

Effects on Hair and Skin

People use water to shower on a daily basis or clean up in various ways. If regular consumption of water to clean up your hair and skin starts causing negative effects, then it can be because of water contamination. Certain water contaminants can be extremely harmful on hair and skin and cause them to become dry and brittle, especially with regular use. Once you notice this issue, you should contact an expert to check out your water flow and see what is causing the contamination and how it can be cleared out. 

Having clean water in your home is key to a healthy life. There are numerous different signs that can let you know something is wrong with your water and that it may need to get checked out or cleaned in some way. These signs include changes in water properties like taste, smell, or colour, or effects showing on other things like hair, skin, or laundry. Once you notice any of the main signs of water contamination, make sure you contact a professional to take a look at the problem and advise you on what to do.