Follow these 4 simple hacks to help you be more productive.

When it comes to having a more productive day, there are several ways to keep your attention on working. A large part of procrastinating is letting yourself be distracted and allowing your mind to wander (specifically down the youtube rabbit hole). That’s why with these simple tricks you will find yourself more productive.

Clear A Working Space

The first thing you can do to help focus and end up more productive is by eliminating distractions. Setting a designated workspace that is clean and tidy will limit the things your brain can wander off to. This works best for assignments that don’t require the internet, but as most tasks do nowadays it still works wonders by limiting the distractions to only the internet. In addition to limiting distractions, over time your brain will develop a work environment connection to the location, helping you enter the productive mode whenever you enter the workspace. This takes time but easily makes it the number 1 hack on our list.

Go For A Jog 

Oftentimes we can’t focus as we have developed a need for constant stimulation. Going for a quick 15-minute jog can do wonders for our concentration. It is scientifically proven to help one’s focus throughout the day. This works best right before a big workload, but will also prove quite useful as a way to reset and get back into work. Be careful not to use this technique too many times in one day as the effectiveness wears off the closer two jogs are to one another and will start making you sleepy if you do it too much. We recommend 3 jogs a day as it will allow you to keep focused for an entire day’s work. However, if you are quite athletic and can handle that jogging, then going as much as a jog every 2 hours has been proven to be quite helpful.

If you’re really on a deadline with only an hour or two left, just getting up and doing a quick shake or some intensive body exercises for 1 minute will also greatly help.

Set A Smaller Goal

If you find a large task too daunting to start or you are having a tough time tackling a longer project, setting smaller goals will help you greatly! Simply having a smaller objective will help your brain break down the steps needed to reach a small goal. By doing this the time needed to work in a single session also shortens. This allows you to take more breaks and treats for completing each small section. Over time you can train your brain through classical conditioning of productivity with a nice reward. This makes this productivity hack doubly amazing as you will become a more productive person as you continue to use this trick.


Listen To Study/Classical Music

Our last hack is listening to study or classical music. While classical music may not be in everyone’s taste it accomplishes wonders when it comes to being productive. Luckily for us, study music was created as a more enjoyable variant of classical music. The reason why this works so well is for several reasons. First, it doesn’t take away from working as it is non-lyrical and allows the ‘logical side’ of the brain to remain undisturbed. It also satisfies the ‘creative side’ of the brain allowing us to remain on task. Finally, a more recent discovery is that listening to music whilst working makes one’s work more creative imbued as the brain’s hemispheres begin to work together creating more unique ideas and problem-solving techniques.

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