When it comes to women’s swimwear, finding a set that is not only comfortable but practical as well can be a challenge. There are hundreds of companies to choose from when it comes to fun looking swimsuits but many of them only take how it looks into consideration rather than how it makes a woman feel. KOANA SWIM is a Canadian based online retailer founded in 2017 created to solve just that issue. 

KOANA SWIM focuses on assuring that its customers are not only looking good but feeling good as well. The company emphasizes on how much they value their customers’ feedback and support by always assuring to read each and every email, dm, and comment. No customer goes unheard. They focus on creating simplified swimwear that utilizes flattering cuts and simplistic prints to allow for women to feel comfortable and sophisticated in what they wear to the beach. Swimwear doesn’t need over-the-top designs to make you feel beautiful. Simplicity always has and always will be key. 

Take the Nova Underwire Bra Set for example, available in 10 styles at only $78 for the complete bikini set you can’t go wrong with this one. Flat chested or large chested, reviews have raved that this an amazingly diverse suit that many could pull off thanks to its adjustable features and unpadded underwire bra. This simple element helps not only add support to your cleavage but comfort as well. The bottoms come in a cheeky style with a flattering V cut shape in the front to help accentuate the natural curves of the body. Definitely a must-have summer staple. 

*Style in photo: Oceanside

Another great suit to try is the Leia Triangle Set. This gorgeous string bikini is available in 6 styles for only $65. It features a double-lined strong stretch fabric that will have you feeling your hottest for every second it’s on your body. Available in a wide range of top sizes from 32A to 32DD along with a cute cheeky bottom, you can’t help but picture yourself in it on your next vacation.

*Style in photo: Snow Leopard

This final suit is a KOANA SWIM fan favourite! The Willow Ribbed Set has received several 5-star reviews boasting about its undeniable comfortability and impressive simple design. With 11 colour styles to choose from at only $65 for the whole set you can see why people are in love. Praised for its options of elegant muted colours, this fully adjustable piece is dying to show and flaunt your inner goddess to the world. 

*Style in photo: Lavender

KOANA SWIM is a growing company simplifying the definition of what we perceive to be sexy. They’ve proved that you don’t need a dramatic swimsuit to make you look or feel good. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing you’ll feel more confident in yourself and as we all know, confidence is sexy. When looking for your next swimwear summer staple, consider KOANA SWIM and receive 10% off your first order using the code KOANA10 at checkout. Never compromise comfort for looks when you can have both. The choice is easy.