Meet the founders behind the sustainable, ultra-versatile, and must-try swimwear brand!

Alexandria and Olivia are the founders behind Ali + Liv Swimwear – the sustainably-focused, inclusive and quality-made swimwear brand that has been making waves within the industry since the brand’s inception in 2019. As a budding fashion brand, Ali + Liv Swimwear takes pride in offering pieces that are not only affordable in price but, also, fashionable in design.
Today, HOLR is chatting with the founders to learn all about how they started their brand, the inspiration behind their pieces, and how they are giving back to the environment through Ali + Liv Swimwear’s sustainability movement.
Tell us about your brand Ali + Liv Swimwear
Ali + Liv Swimwear was founded by two sisters, Alexandria and Olivia in 2019. Both of us (Ali + Liv) have always had a huge passion for travel and the essentials that go along with it (including our favourite essential of all… swimwear). Growing up we were very fortunate to travel and explore the world’s beautiful destinations, views, and beaches, which inspired Ali + Liv Swimwear.
From crystal blue waters to pastel-coloured homes, our dreams of creating our own swimwear line came to be. When discussing Ali + Liv Swimwear, we knew we wanted to create a brand that provided great quality swimwear at a more affordable price point.
All of our suits are inspired by places around the world. We hope that with every suit purchased individuals feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. When creating our brand, we knew it was important to us to give back to our environment. With every purchase, we donate to initiatives that focus on helping the environment.
Additionally, we have recently introduced our new sustainable fabric, which uses recycled ocean waste to create our luxurious fabrics (such as plastic water bottles, fishing nets, etc).  We plan to move in this sustainable direction for all collections going forward!
Describe your swimwear in three words
• A – Sustainable
• B – Flattering
• C – Versatile
How are you making moves to become more sustainable and eco-friendly?
As we grow and develop Ali + Liv Swimwear, becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly is top of mind for us. We understand the importance of helping our environment through all stages of our business. Firstly, with all purchases, we donate a portion of all sales to help clean our oceans.
Secondly, as we have continued to evolve over the past two years, we recently introduced a new sustainable fabric that is made up of recycled ocean waste – such as plastic bottles and fishing nets.  These products are broken down and turned into a quick-dry/buttery soft fabric. As we continue to grow, we hope to continue taking all steps necessary to make Ali + Liv as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.
What inspires you to create your pieces?
From an aesthetic standpoint, we create each suit with a place in mind which we were inspired by.  Each suit + the colours it is available in are all drawn from the beauty these places hold.  Whether it be the overall atmosphere or picturesque views, all of these elements play a large role in developing our suits/lines.
Alternatively, from a design/silhouette perspective, we are always testing out new patterns/fits/cuts which we have always dreamed of having in a swimsuit.  The process of creating a suit takes around six months total from our initial sketch to the finished product.  Along the way, we are constantly testing ways to improve the fit, colour, and look.
Can you tell us about some of the best-selling products we can shop from the brand?
Some of our best sellers are the styles within our newest collection that offers versatility.  Some styles which are known for their versatility are; the Ibiza, Tahiti, and Monaco tops.  All three of these tops can be tied 9+ ways, giving you multiple bikinis in one!
Another top seller which our customers have really loved and gravitated towards is our Amalfi Collection.  The Amalfi Top provides comfort and ultimate support all in one.  With fully adjustable straps across your shoulders and back, each customer can find their perfect/desired fit.  Alongside the Amalfi top is our infamous Amalfi Bottoms.  With a “v” shape waistband that can be worn both above and below the hips, this cheeky cut bottom is a favourite of most!
What does the future hold for Ali + Liv Swimwear?
Looking at the future of Ali + Liv Swimwear, the possibilities are endless. As we continue to grow and develop we want to expand our size range and continue to offer suits of new silhouettes, colours, and patterns.  The future of Ali + Liv Swimwear is bright and we can’t wait to share it with you all.
Published by HOLR Magazine.