To maintain the habit of getting up early in the morning is a challenging thing for many people. Although this is a highly beneficial habit for health, many people still keep the habit of sleeping late and neglect their sleep. Here are tips for creating a routine to help you wake up early.

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If you have a habit of getting up early in the morning, you are keeping to an extremely healthy lifestyle. However, nowadays, most people do not maintain this habit for many reasons. Waking up early in the morning is not easy for those who have a habit of sleeping late or often have to work very late. In addition, many people even have their working hours reversed. Therefore, our biological clock is not balanced, leading to a decline in health as well as the spirit of studying and working. So how can you improve this situation when you want to get up early to exercise or get up early to go swimming to improve health this summer? This article will suggest you simple tips to help you quickly get up early in the morning and become a morning person.

Set goals in the morning

Setting clear goals in the morning is a perfect habit. When you set goals for yourself, you’ll be motivated to get yourself up early. Sometimes, those goals are the pressure to encourage you to complete all your tasks. For example, you have a plan of going to the gym in the morning to have a healthy and slim body, or you have a goal of getting up early to make breakfast for the whole family. All of these will motivate you to be better and help you get into the habit of waking up early every morning.

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Gentle exercise before going to bed

You should spend about 15-20 minutes every night before you go to bed to do gentle exercises such as meditation or yoga. This will make you feel relaxed, dispel all fatigue and worries after a stressful day of studying and working. And especially, exercising before going to bed helps you fall asleep faster and have a better night’s sleep. This will help you automatically wake up early in the morning without an alarm because your body has been charged with good energy before. But remember that the best bedtime in the evening is from 9-10 pm and you should not sleep later than 11 pm.


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Open the window when you go to sleep

A valuable piece of advice for you is to open the window before going to bed. Opening the window will open the room to help you fall asleep as well as feel more relaxed and light. This allows us to be in a state of complete relaxation, feel peaceful, and easier to fall asleep. Not only that but opening the window also helps you to receive the first light or sunlight of the new day. This makes it easier to wake up early in the morning. If you close the window when you go to sleep, it will be difficult for the body to get out of sleep and not distinguish between night and day.

Immediately go to bed if you start to feel sleepy

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Why is this so important? The golden time for you to fall asleep right away is when you start to fall asleep. Many people try to complete assignments and work in a nodding state, not awake. Or many people try to finish watching the movie even though their eyes are already tight. If at the beginning of the signs of drowsiness, the body must rest and sleep at once. If you still try to work and entertain, then through the initial sleepiness, you will lose the golden moment and be completely awake. This can even turn your hours upside down. Therefore, go to bed as soon as you feel sleepy so that your body can rest and be able to wake up early in the morning.