Singer King, known for his melodious tunes and soulful renditions, recently opened up about his unforgettable meeting with global music sensation Ed Sheeran during the latter’s visit to Mumbai.

Pop singer, Ed Sheeran expressed his feelings about meeting with the king, he said it was a personal connection meeting not a work meeting, but the fans expected that they would both collaborate soon with big music.

In March Sheeran came to India for his work-related music tour and he shared his feelings and thoughts about Indian music. He especially mentioned the King’s song- Tu Mann Meri Jaan’ is my favorite one, he also said that he would love to collaborate with him on any project. At the time of the tour, he found the chance to meet with the singer King. He also posts his meeting pictures on Social Media.

King attended an interview and in that, he said- “Well, more than collaborating, we connected on a personal level during our meeting,” adding, “He is like a brother, and the things we discussed when we met, show how similar we are when it comes to things that matter in our lives.” (also here)


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While the encounter sparked anticipation among fans for a collaboration between the two, the singer suggests that such a union might require some time to materialize. On this King said- “Whenever we collaborate, it would come from a place of pure intent.” (also here)

As HOLR has the latest news, it’s clear that Singer King’s meeting with Ed Sheeran in Mumbai was not just another celebrity sighting but a testament to the power of genuine connections and shared experiences. With their bond solidified, the world eagerly awaits the harmonious melodies that may emerge from this newfound camaraderie between Singer King and Ed Sheeran.

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