Elizabeth Techenbrock, a TikToker, is going viral on the platform after a video of her making her own birthday cake started circulating.

HOLR breaks down why.

Elizabeth Teckenbrock Reddit

Teckenbrock recently went viral after her TikTok video here– which has now garnered over 50 million views, caused a frenzy online.


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Single Mom Birthday Cake

The viral clip shows Teckenbrock- a single mom- making her own birthday cake on her birthday along with he caption, “Being a single mom is making your own birthday cake on your birthday so that your babies can feel happy they are singing to you.”

This video sparked a widespread debate online as people’s messages poured in to help support Teckenbrock.

Elizabeth Teckenbrock Husband

However, in a recent turn of events, Teckenbrock’s ex-husband- Andrew Cormier- has also taken to social media to share his side of the story here and seemingly call out Teckenbrock for her viral clip in multiple other clips. As this related article states, Cormier claims that he actually has full custody of their kids


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Allegations also include claims that Teckenbrock owes money in child support and allegedly faked cancer (here).


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Teckenbrock is responding to these alleged claims by posting more videos, seemingly attempting to expose her ex-husband. For instance, the below clip shows conversations between the pair via text message. This related article also claims that Teckenbrock stated her ex was reportedly abusive and an alleged Scientologist.


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Cormier came back to address and clear up abusive claims in this video, stating that the domestic violence injunctions, in which they were temporary and none were deemed credible or imposed, according to him. This is because no evidence was allegedly found. He also states that he has had his daughters full-time for the past several years.


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Cormier also denies claims of being a Scientologist here in the video and breaks down why his name on TikTok is @reinventingelizabth – it in reference to the title of a show on Netflix called “Inventing Anna” in which it was about a con artist and scammer.

The dup have spakred a widespread debate online with the internet choosing sides in all of the drama.

There is seemingly a lot of back and forth between the duo but what are your thoughts on this developing Tiktok drama?

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