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The Lip Doctor himself, Dr. Neel Bector, founded Lip Doctor, a top-rated cosmetic clinic in Mississauga that specializes in nonsurgical cosmetic and skin rejuvenation. Dr. Bector is a Canadian trained medical doctor who has practiced within Ontario for over 20 years in the field of family medicine, sports medicine and clinical weight loss. In 2001 he began cosmetic training and, over the years, he has travelled the world to learn the best approach to individualized cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Bector is now known throughout the GTA as a true master in the field of non-invasive aesthetics and continues to focus on refining his techniques in the use of botox, non-surgical nose procedures, dermal filler, body scalping, contouring, hair restoration, skin rejuvenation and more. 

Today, we sat down with Dr. Bector, who is looking to redefine the way people view the cosmetic industry, to discuss his focus on the above procedures, and how he manages to give his clients amazing results without them having to go under the knife.

Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got started in the world of cosmetics and skin rejuvenation.

I have been practicing Medicine in the Greater Toronto area for the past 22 years and became interested in cosmetic medicine around 17 years ago. One of the Doctors who practiced at the same clinic where I worked was an early adopter of Botox for cosmetic use and would show me different techniques of injection. I quickly became fascinated in the space, since combining medicine and cosmetics allowed me to explore my creative side. I’m someone who loves learning new things and working with people, so it became a passion to perfect my skill while helping make people happier. From there, I continued to learn different procedures and techniques and began incorporating them into my Aesthetics practice.

How would you say your experience and training has contributed to your recognized success?

I have a large medical practice in addition to my work in cosmetic medicine. One of the biggest compliments that my patients give me is that I take the time to listen to them – they feel heard and not rushed. I have found that the ability to effectively communicate, and work with my patients, helps with setting expectations and finding the best solutions.

Looking back, what I can say is the biggest contributor to my success has been my dedication to fine tuning my skill set. There really is no substitute for an experienced doctor who has put in the hours and works to perfect their own techniques

Which cosmetic or skin procedures would you classify as the most popular amongst your clientele? 

There are a few procedures that are very commonly asked for by patients – Dermal Fillers and Botox continue to be at the top of the list. Lip, nose and under eye treatments with dermal fillers are the most commonly requested because they provide a noticeable but subtle enhancement. The treatment of the forehead, glabellar, and area around the eyes, with Botox is also very popular. Body contouring treatments – double chin, abdomen and love handles have become much more popular because the technology has improved so much, and the results are clearly evident when using medical grade equipment.

Thread Lifts have also become our fastest growing procedure – they were recently approved by Health Canada and are a great way to get a lift (jaw, neck, brow, forehead) without undergoing surgery.

I am told Thread lifts are gaining popularity as one of the latest cosmetic trends. Can you tell us why they have become so popular and help us debunk a few of the misconceptions surrounding it?

Thread Lifts are perhaps the hottest cosmetic trend going into 2021. Thread treatments are a great option for clients who are looking for a procedure that produces long lasting results – lifting areas of the face and/or rejuvenating the skin. They are minimally invasive and require little in terms of down time.

The popularity of Thread Lifts worldwide continues to rise because of the versatility of treatments without the risks of surgery. They have been used in Europe and in the US for some time now and have become very popular, particularly in Hollywood. Recently, we have also seen a big growth in threads being used for brow lifts and fox eyes, which have been made quite popular by celebrities like Bella Hadid and Megan Fox.

There are different types of threads that may be used depending on the goal of treatment. Currently in Canada, only the Silhouette Instalift threads (Poly-L Lactic Acid) are approved for use. Polydioxane or PDO threads that commonly come up on internet searches for Thread Lifts are not approved for use in Canada at this time.

The threads, once inserted, are broken down by our bodies over a 3-to-6-month period.  The process of breaking down the threads causes new collagen to be formed, further enhancing the lift and rejuvenating the skin. The results of a Thread Lift are long lasting, but not permanent (the same is true with a traditional face lift). Typically, a thread lift will need to be repeated after a 2 to 4-year time frame.

How has the cosmetic world changed or adapted in the time of COVID-19?

The COVID-19 outbreak has posed challenges for everyone, and our clinic specifically has abided by all regulations at each stage. At times when we are open, we take precautions to ensure that we limit the number of people in the clinic, sanitize all spaces between patients and ensure that all staff and patients wear masks, which does alter the types of procedures we can and cannot perform at certain times. We have also, whenever possible, used electronic communications/invoicing, rather than paper.

What kind of cosmetic trends and procedures can we expect to see more of in 2021?

I think we will continue to see growth in the use of Thread Lifts, as more people learn out about the procedure and more cosmetic medical practitioners become trained in performing them.

There are also new forms of neuro-toxin (commonly called Botox) that are being developed. These will give longer lasting results than the 3 or 4 months achieved by the current options.

A trend I see in my own practice is clients requesting the use of combined treatments to achieve results that are synergistic, natural and balanced. I will often put together a treatment plan for a patient that will include threads, Botox, dermal fillers and laser/radio frequency-based treatments to achieve the best possible results. In doing, so I feel like an artist who has the privilege of highlighting the beauty that all my clients naturally possess.

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