On October 10, Maybelline New York launches its new global initiative: RAISE YOUR HAND to raise mental health awareness.

With the current statistic of 90% of young people being affected by mental health through COVID-19, Maybelline New York is continuing their mission to raise awareness of mental health and encourage people to seek help. Raising mental health awareness can help to understand symptoms, find professional treatment, and, most importantly, break the mental health stigma that leaves so many people not reaching out to get help.

The campaign will rally people around the world to show how we can be #BraveTogether. If you are affected or have been affected by mental health issues, we encourage you to join us and RAISE YOUR HAND. On your social media channels, in your close circle of friends or loved ones and wherever you feel comfortable. One of the bravest things you can do to show people they are not alone is to RAISE YOUR HAND and follow with the #BraveTogether tag.

For information on how you can participate in this global movement visit here.

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Published by HOLR magazine.