Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are not only bringing their friendship back to life, but they’re bringing 2000’s fashion with them as SKIMS launches the velour collection. 

Kim announced this new collection via Instagram as she posted photos wearing the new line alongside BFF Paris Hilton. Rocking the new line, Kim and Paris showed off the style with a classic Range Rover and an iconic Louis Vuitton keep all. 

The main attraction being velour was popular in the 2000s with brand Juicy Couture, and was easily sworn away by 2010, but during the October 21’s launch, the SKIMS website was sold out of all sizes and colours of the velour jogger within hours. 

Many people might question if velour is really back in style or is it just because Kim Kardashian is wearing it. Well, the answer is both. Fashion like always has made a comeback with velour and SKIMS did it right. 

SKIMS is known as one of the Kardashian brands that actually does everything right. For Kim, this fashion line could be considered one of the more successful companies in the family, aside from Yeezy of course. 

It comes as no surprise that the velour collection has already sold out as the cotton collection was hard to get your hands onto as well. Kim made a smart move bringing back Velour, as the whole jogger track pant look is in, the more comfortable the outfit the better, considering there really is nowhere to go. 

As fashion has turned into joggers and sweaters, there is no better brand to spruce up your daily walk than with a brand new velour tracksuit. At a fairly reasonable price, SKIMS has managed to make comfortable look good again, and for only $72 you could enjoy the nostalgic feeling of the 2000’s all over again.