Introducing your new favourite skincare brand.

Your skincare game is going to be so strong thanks to the latest and greatest skincare brand to hit the market – Skintrist! This cruelty-free brand is made in Canada from start to finish and is on an incredible mission to simplify skincare. This eco-friendly brand includes more than 3 actives + nutrients in each product, minimizing the number of products and steps needed to use daily or nightly.

Skintrist also works with local manufactures and suppliers as a way of giving back and supporting local communities. This also includes 60% of the ingredients being homegrown in Canada, which are not preserved for longer than 8 months (this is in comparison to other brands that may sometimes preserve ingredients for longer than a year to save money).

In an effort to bridge the gap between daily skincare routines at home and in-clinic treatments, the brand created a product designed with sensitive and post-procedure/treatment skin in mind. The Skintrist 5+ Protein Facial Cleanser is a soothing and extremely gentle creamy cleanser that allows you to continue your skincare journey post-treatment while at home. This product is made with natural and organic ingredients that are gentle enough for everyday use yet formulated to help repair the skin’s barrier.

This facial cleanser is one of the brand’s star products because there is virtually nothing like it on the market right now. The 5 +Protein Facial Cleanser helps build, heal and repair damaged and dehydrated skin over time. It is essentially like food for your skin and not just something that washes away dirt and makeup. The cleanser feeds your skin with superfood nutrients such as kale, carrots, lemon amino acids, cucumber, aloe vera, and green tea, which help to strengthen your skin’s barrier. As a result, the brand works to help you achieve healthy skin over “perfect” skin.

In addition to the 5+ Protein Facial Cleanser, we’ve also outlined some of our other favourite products from the brand below – check out our top picks from Skintrist that you need to add to your cart.

The C E Face Cream is rich, creamy, and ultra-smooth. It is also packed with Vitamin C, E, and B5 botanicals. This product is perfect for all skin types.

The Hy(aluronic) + Vitamin C E F Serum helps combat sun damage, age spots, and visibly brightens the appearance of skin to improve radiance.

The C E(eye) Treatment is specifically formulated to help reduce the look of wrinkles while simultaneously working to moisturize and brighten your under eyes.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.