There has been an ever growing rise in the world of healing, and now more than ever the general public is being given access to teachings that were once meant to be held in sacred spaces and kept secret. With this rise, Spiritual Teachers are stepping forward as leaders in the modern world to assist the planet and humanity during these challenging times. Shaman Durek is one of these leaders and he’s paving the way for the rest of us.

His new book, “Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself and Light Up the World” is one of the many tools he has gifted us to assist us in our own growth, and the teachings within the book create true and lasting change. As a 6th generation Shaman, Durek provides a simple yet powerful tool kit to “stay lit, putting the power back in people’s hands’ ‘. This timely book gives us the ability to navigate our lives through the tumultuous changes that are taking place in our world.

Durek has committed his life to the path of Shamanism and has fully stepped forward in his purpose and his mission to support in the healing of this world. “For a long time, since I was about 10 or 11 years old, I’ve been focusing and dedicating my life to putting the power back in people’s hands. The whole idea of being a Shaman is about creating a relationship with life. We create relationships with food, with our bodies, with other people’s bodies, with our ancestors, the earth, the elements, and communities,  and through these relationships we create a very authentic connection, therefore we are able to support people because we can see what’s really going on. We can see the blindspots that they may not see. From there we facilitate a way for them to create a stronger connection back to themselves.”

Spirit Hacking is a practical guide to living, and gives shamanic tools to assist us in navigating these dark times referred to as “the blackout”. The tools given range from learning to  connect with your ancestors, practicing gratitude and why it’s important, manifesting, working with the currency of money, synergising the masculine and feminine relationship, and much, much more.

This book reminds us that “we need to stop looking at other people and glorifying them, and putting them up on pedestals, and seeing them as this superhuman being, and start seeing yourself in this place of having a unique code inside that only we can wield. When we use the intelligence of this code within, we can build a bridge of consciousness to bring Heaven on Earth, or what people call ascension. This will create a light structure on Earth where we can rebuild our system from a place of intelligence instead of a place of fear. When we put people above us it doesn’t support the collective because we all have a very special place to fill. The collective can only expand when you see that you are just as important as any other world leader that has ever stepped foot on this planet.”

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Durek sends the message that we are all in this together. “The process of being alone is an illusion. You are never really alone. It’s a state of mind. It’s a choice due to the idea that you have to be isolated. The consciousness of truth is that we are always connected to everything and everyone all the time. When we are living in the awareness of being a quantum being, we realize that there are our ancestors, our earth, spirits, the wind, the sun, and all these different beings that are there that we just don’t pay attention to, or acknowledge. Even ourselves we fail to recognize. There are many aspects of our being waiting to be acknowledged, seen, heard, and given a voice that are ready to support us in our lives. So when people go into this idea of, “I’m lonely”, it is one that they are making on their own.

“Your life means something and you really have got to believe that.”

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