Kanye West boldly confirms his entry into the adult entertainment industry with the launch of “Yeezy Porn”.

Kanye West has stirred controversy once again by apparently confirming his entry into the adult entertainment industry with the launch of “Yeezy Porn.”

Kanye West New Website

Speculation arose after reports surfaced suggesting West’s interest in starting his own pornographic venture, with discussions reportedly underway with Mike Moz, an experienced producer in the adult entertainment realm and the former spouse of Stormy Daniels.


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West’s social media posts on platforms like Instagram and YouTube seemed to validate these rumors, featuring a bold statement proclaiming “YEEZY PORN IS CUMMING” alongside instructions to visit Yeezy.com.

However, despite the announcement, the website currently displays only West’s merchandise and music, leaving fans perplexed about the nature of his intentions.

Kanye West Michelle Obama

Further fueling the controversy, West made headlines for his podcast interview comments on ‘The Download’ where he mentioned Michelle Obama as a potential participant in a threesome, drawing criticism and bewilderment from listeners.

Kanye West Michelle Obama 'The Download' Podcast

Moreover, West’s assertion of godhood during the interview added another layer of intrigue and debate among his followers. The unexpected transition from discussing his potential porn venture to proclaiming himself as God left many scratching their heads and questioning the direction of his statements.

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