St. John is a luxury fashion house known for specializing in knitwear. Since 1962, the Southern California-based house has taken the simple yet elegant look of knitwear and turned it into luxury fashion. 

St. John prides itself on its great American design, from the timeless looks of elegance to the unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship that the house has followed since the beginning of 1962. 

Creative director Zoe Turner has taken her recent designs and continued to keep in mind the dynasty that St. John “when you think of a dynasty it’s a powerful image. It draws focus on the different generations of women and that lineage that bonds them together. We have taken the St. John codes and channelled a fresh decadence and a daring glamour to further our own legacy.”

Look 19: 

Model wearing Look 19 black faux fur coat


Evening wear has become a staple for Turner, with look 19, she has created an elegant coat that can be and look like the whole outfit. The ‘fur’ coat allows itself to be the whole look, while still wearing black tights and a classic stiletto. 

Look 23: 

Model wearing pink tux dress


This Pretty in Pink Tuxedo has so much elegance for a timeless look. The pink colour is subtle but allows for the shapes in the jacket/dress to be emphasized in all dimensions. The wide satin lapel and mid-thigh length of the dress are perfect for an elegant night out. 

Look 25: 

model wearing white floor length gown


This white evening gown is elegant and sexy. The shape it gives to your silhouette will be remarkable, as the corset top with a peaked cut adds definition. The shape of the flow of the dress looks almost stiff, allowing for the dress itself to keep its shape. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine