STANLEY Cup survives a fire video is trending on TikTok. Here’s what happened.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @dailymail, a STANLEY Cup survived a car fire sparking a frenzy online.


@Danielle says the ice in her Stanley cup survived a CAR FIRE that incinerated her vehicle – but left the insulated container completely intact. #fyp #stanleycup #carfire #accident #wholesome

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Stanley Cup Fire TikTok

STANLEY Cups rose to fame on social media after users became obsessed with the innovative drinkware brand. Since the brand became a worldwide phenomenon, a new TikTok video skyrocketed STANLEY Cups’ popularity after a viral video showcased the product surviving a car fire. Not only did it survive the fire, but it still had ice in the cup showing just how functional it really is!

Stanley Cup Fire Car

The viral TikTok video was posted by Danielle Marie Lettering and showed the aftermath of the accident that destroyed her car but left her cup intact, in which the footage instantly circulated online. Viewers were shocked to learn that the copper-colored STANLEY cup survived the destructive car fire.

Following the viral video news, the President of STANLEY came out to address the footage, in which he claimed that the company was not only going to send Lettering some cups but that they were also going to replace her car, due to her losses.

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