Have you been aching to break out of the rut of working for someone else? Every year, thousands of entrepreneurial-minded adults decide to start home-based businesses and give themselves the financial freedom they can’t find as a paid employee. There are several ways to get started, but it’s wise to follow a step-by-step plan to make your home-based career dreams a reality.

As with so many other important life events, the first step involves a bit of soul-searching. After you home in on the field that is a perfect match for your skills and preferences, it’s time to gear up with all the items and devices that make a home office a productive place. Finally, you’ll have decisions to make about marketing, outsourcing, and getting help if things get busy. Here are details about each of the steps.


Do Extensive Research

If this is your first foray into being your own boss, consider booking a session with a professional career counselor to get some valuable advice about how to plan and execute it successfully. Most experts offer half-hour sessions for reasonable prices. You can lay out your plan and ask for tips, critique, and suggestions.

Get the Right Training and Equipment

Of all the steps that go into building an at-home job, the one that’s going to cost you the most is the gearing up phase of the process. Expect to spend more than your initial estimates. That’s because once you amass all the technical devices, furniture, and other necessary equipment, expenses can be significantly higher than planned. Most home-based business professionals turn to private lenders and take out loans to cover the entire cost of setting up a dedicated workspace. Getting personal loans online, in fact, has never been easier. In a matter of minutes, you can compare interest rates and other terms from among multiple private lenders and finance your new lifestyle.

Market Your Company

Even the best ideas and products won’t turn a profit if you don’t market them correctly. If you already have ideas about how to promote your goods or services, that’s fine. Just remember to have a backup plan if you are not a marketing professional. And do not forget that the financial aspect of your marketing plan needs to be considered when you explore your options for initial funding costs.

Think about getting help from an advertising agency that works with individuals and offers reasonable hourly rates. Make sure to create a promotion plan before opening your doors. Use free and low-cost DIY methods like social media and personal networking to let prospective customers know about the launch at least a few weeks before it happens.

Outsource Bookkeeping and Taxes

Unless you are a trained accountant of financial pro, outsource the financial end of your enterprise. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that the books are in perfect order, tax returns are filed on time, and cashflow statements are up-to-date and accurate. Fortunately, many independent accountants offer this type of service at reasonable rates and are happy to work with new entrepreneurs. But remember in order to outsource successfully, shop around to find the most competitive pricing and to hire someone who has experience with new business owners.


Published by HOLR Magazine