Must-have desk accessories for a more productive workday at home. 

WFH Desk Must-Haves

As the City of Toronto navigates its plans to move its employees back to their respective offices, the case may not be the same for everyone. If you and your workplace are still keeping the safer option by working from home, these desk accessories might just help you create a more productive workspace

A Desk Lamp That Has It All 

WFH Desk Must-Haves

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If you are staring at a computer screen all day, it is important to have proper lighting. Nowadays, a desk lamp is not only a desk lamp. Some lamps now have digital clocks, USB ports, and a wireless charging dock. It’s important to have a digital clock that is not from your phone to avoid distraction and an extra USB port and a wireless charging dock will save you a lot of desk space–if there’s one thing that we all know to be true is that a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. This LED desk lamp has all of that along with extensive light settings. 

Cable Organizer / Cable Management 

With that being said, if you’re working with a lot of devices throughout the day, it can be frustrating when your desk is cluttered with cords, or if things get tangled under your desk. Save yourself from a headache by investing in a cable organizer. This one from Bestbuy, lets you stick it on the side of your desk and access your chargers anytime you want with less hassle. This one from Ikea lets you hang your power box under your desk. 

Reusable Water Bottles

WFH Desk Must-Haves

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Keep yourself hydrated by investing in a durable water bottle. This stainless steel, vacuum insulated water bottle can keep your water cold for days (not that you need it for that long). This one with integrated straw is great too, especially if like me, you get paranoid that you might spill liquid all over your computer. 

Electric Mug Warmer

WFH Desk Must-Haves

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As much as we love a good iced coffee, nothing can still beat a hot cup of coffee to start your day. Keep your caffeine-fix hot with an electric mug warmer. It’s small enough to keep it on your desk and aesthetically appealing enough to add style to your workspace. This one from Indigo is great or this adorable silicone one is the more affordable option. 

Desk Organizer

You can find desk organizers that can fit your needs. Some can hold a lot and some can only fit sticky notes and a few pens. Buy organizers that fit your needs and space. 

Wireless Speakers

Most people can work well when they listen to music. Having a wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great device to have in your office. Better yet, devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo that can be integrated into your other devices and apps will let you have a seamless workday. 

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