Sterling K. Brown is going viral for seemingly subtly shading Jennifer Lopez- who he stars with in Atlas- on their recent media press tour. 

Sterling K. Brown Jennifer Lopez

Did Sterling K. Brown just subtle shade co-star Jennifer Lopez?

That’s what people think after some moments from the pair’s recent press tour for Atlas started going viral. In this clip posted by user @unilad on TikTok, Simu Liu asks Lopez about her favorite comfort meal.


The stars of Atlas share what their favorite comfort food is? 🍕🍗 Make sure to check out the full episode of In The Vault on UNILAD’s YouTube 📺 #UNILAD #atlas #inthevault #jlo #jenniferlopez

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Lopez replies with, “I grew up- I’m Puerto Rican- so I like rice and beans and like, chicken.” As she states that she is Puerto Rican, Brown comes in jokingly saying, “Are you Puerto Rican? Get outta here!” Fans in the comment section of the TikTok video allegedly thought that this was slightly shading Lopez as she regularly talks about her background and where she grew up.

He also started seemingly talking over her in the process, in which he broke out in Spanish.

Another clip posted by user @apnewsentertainment shows the duo talking about how Lopez is allegedly trying to “slow” down.


At the premiere for her new Netflix sci-fi thriller, “Atlas,” Jennifer Lopez said she’s trying to slow down and be more selective with projects.  Her co-star, Sterling K. Brown, did not seem convinced. #jenniferlopez #jlo #sterlingkbrown #atlasnetflix

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In the clip, Lopez discusses how she’s tried to “slow down more” recently to which Brown chimes in saying, “Hmmm.” Lopez has been booked and busy lately with her latest projects so was Brown poking fun at his co-star’s remarks? It remains unclear although the pair seem to have a rather friendly relationship. The pair’s other co-star, Simu Liu, can also be seen allegedly smiling in the clip.

“This is you pared down?” questions Brown in the clip, to which Lopez replies, “This is actually me pared down.” This could be in reference to Lopez’s project, “This is me.. Now”

Jennifer Lopez New Movie

Lopez’s new movie, Atlas, recently dropped on Netflix. She stars alongside Liu and Brown.

What are your thoughts on these alleged claims?

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