Steven Crowder is trending after a video of him talking to his pregnant wife went viral. HOLR is breaking it down.

Steven Crowder Ring Video

Conservative Christian, Steven Crowder, is receiving backlash after a video of him talking to his pregnant wife went viral. Check out the clip in question, below, reposted by user @therobbieharvey.


Stevn Crowder threatens his pregnant wife. #narcissist #narcissism #narctok #abuse #abuseawareness #wife

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In the video, Crowder can be seen berating his pregnant wife, and seemingly emotionally abusing her. Crowder’s wife reportedly released this footage after Crowder spoke about their divorce publicly, as noted in this TikTok video from user @noahglenncarter. Crowder’s wife can be heard saying “Your abuse is sick,” while speaking to her husband, to which Crowder responds, “F*cking watch it.” In the video, Crowder can also be seen refusing to allow his wife to take the car and stating that she will not do “wifely things.” He can also be heard saying, “How do you respect the men?”

He goes on to tell her, “The only way out of this is discipline and respect.” Crowder’s very pregnant wife states that they are “at an impasse” and seems to be on the verge of tears as she tries to communicate with her husband, who is seemingly berating her throughout the video.

Steven Crowder Wife Video Response

In an update video posted recently by @therobbieharvey, Crowder speaks about the viral video and comments on his wife’s behavior- seemingly claiming that she is mentally ill.


Steven Crowder has his excuse. #narcissistic #narcissism #narctok #abuse #abuseawareness #foryou

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Candace Owens has also weighed in on the controversial video, as seen here in this TikTok video clip.


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Crowder is getting a ton of backlash for his actions in the video, which has evidently gone viral on social media.

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