Whether you’re buying gifts for someone or picking out an outfit for yourself, why not try the sustainable brand Everlane. From comfy and cozy to cute and sustainable Everlane has some great outfit ideas that will have you looking stylish and staying comfortable after a big holiday meal. 

Everlane is a sustainable company that makes the right choices for the material they use and the steps they take during manufacturing. As transparent as ever the brand chooses to educate its customers on their practices and uses that as a way to make the world a better place. From environmental initiatives and ethical approaches, Everlane has become one of the most truly sustainable brands out there, meaning they create and design clothes, shoes and accessories that are meant to last a lifetime. 

The Oversized Alpaca Crew $146:

A softer, less-prickly, and longer-lasting wool that screams “cozy holiday” that’s perfect for lounging or can be dressed up for a fancy holiday dinner! Coming in a total of 12 colours ranging from XXS-XXL. 

The Alpaca Pom-Pom Turtleneck $241:

Festive meets alpaca. This alpaca sweater has all the warmth of a cozy winter knit with a plush, airy feel. Perfect for a festive feast as it doesn’t cling to the body! Coming in 4 colours this oversized sweater starts at XXS and ranges to XL. 

The Dream Pant $113:

The name speaks for itself. The dreamiest pants for any occasion: a day at the office, a night of food and drinks, lounging at home; you can’t go wrong. With its relaxed fit, the pant comes in 4 colours including forest green with sizes from XXS-XL.

The Way-High Drape Pant $143:

These high-waisted pants will be sure to get you through the night and are flowy enough to allow for movement throughout your day. This more workwear pant is perfect for a day at the office that transitions into a night out, coming in 3 professional colours and sizes from 00-16. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine