Billie Eilish embodies the idea of fashion as self-expression.

Over the years, the star has captured millions of hearts with her music: her most popular tunes include Bad Guy, Ocean Eyes, Lovely, and more. But she’s also a rising fashion icon in her own right. In 2019, she co-hosted the Met Gala, America’s largest fashion event, whose theme for the year focused on Camp. Her dress–a magnificent old-Hollywood style ball gown–was perfectly on theme, and certainly cemented her position as a darling of the fashion world.

But Eilish’s distinctive fashion moments don’t just end at the red carpet. In fact, she’s known for injecting elements of her personal style in her red carpet looks. Famously, she wore a shimmering baggy suit to the 2021 Grammy awards. This set perfectly reflected her personal style at that time.

Billie Eilish 2021 Grammys


In many ways, Eilish’s personal style is one of the most unique of today’s music industry. Rather than sticking to safe options, she experiments with eclectic combinations and unique silhouettes. Moreover, she draws inspiration from several different street style cultures. For instance: the star has experimented with oversized street-wear inspired silhouettes, mall-goth colour palettes, and every style from ’90s anime-meets-Harajuku-casual-style to a grungy 1950s pin-up remix. In fact, Eilish’s impact in the street style world was so prominent, that a Harajuku street style icon–many of whom are known for their ‘weird’, eclectic style–wore an outfit inspired by her.

Billie Eilish

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In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she even noted: “I want to dress in a way that if I was in a room full of people wearing regular clothes, I would be like, ‘Oh, I bet everyone’s looking at me.’ I want to feel that way. That’s my casual.” And her street style certainly reflects this ideology.

Billie Eilish

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Eilish also adores odd, unique pieces that have personalities of their own. For instance, she accessorized her monochromatic outfit with a stylish bucket hat with straps that went through loops attached to her top. The hat, combined with her layered jewelry, certainly made a style statement.

Eilish's backstage outfit

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Billie’s backstage, pre-show outfits are just as full-of-personality as her stage outfits. Here, she amplifies elements of street style with her oversized tee and sweats, spray-painted colours, and chunky-yet-minimal silver jewelry.

Billie Eilish Street Style

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Even Eilish’s ‘simpler’ looks have a unique edge to them. Here, she dresses up an oversized sweater and sweatpants combination with chunky, studded shoes.

Street Style


Eilish also adores playing with unique textures. Faux fur trousers paired with a baggy tee and a vest is certainly a stylish statement unique to her. Plus, she accessorized with classic Gen-Z pieces, like the funky zipper-chain of her vest, her sunglasses, and her stylish silver jewelry.

Part of what makes Billie Eilish a true darling of the fashion world is the fact that what she wears–whatever she wears–is utterly unique and true to herself. Rather than sticking to traditional silhouettes, colour palettes, textures, and accessories, Billie blends inspirations from various sources and adds an element of her own style to it. As a result, her style is playful, creative, experimentative, bold, and unexpected. Classic is, perhaps, the last word to describe Eilish’s style, and that’s what makes her stand out.

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