Paris Hilton has served us with iconic looks since the early 2000s. Her fashion is one of the many things she is known for, her style remains signature with any look she provides. 

Paris Hilton is the daughter of Richard and Kathy Hilton and was born into fame! She became one of the most famous women in the world through her modelling career and her iconic starring in the reality tv show “The Simple Life” which was a global sensation. She continues to be in the eye of the media through her business ventures and appearances! Her style is glamorous and very special, so much so that it almost has its own niche and these street-style looks translate that niche for you!

Whether she is out and about in Beverly Hills or is coming from elite socialite events, her personal style always remains true. See these street-style looks to discover the heart and soul of her fabulous fashion!

The Queen of Von Dutch

2003 photo of Paris Hilton

Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

In 2003, Paris Hilton would regularly rock the Von Dutch brand and was actually one of the celebrities that helped popularize it! The hat makes a mark in the pop culture world and hip pop scene and its design literally epitomizes the Y2K era. No wonder why Paris Hilton, the cool girl of Y2K loved it so much! After her, many followed with this hat because the obsession with Paris was so real!

Iconic Metallic LV Bag Duo

SKIMS campaign for 2020 with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

Image Credit: SKIMS

In 2006, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian delivered an iconic moment, they wore massive metallic Louis Vuitton bags that made a statement so strong people still talk about it to this day! In a 2020 SKIMS campaign to promote Kim Kardashian’s velour tracksuits, she included Paris and they recreated the iconic fashion moment! A fashion moment that is epic like this one is the only exception for history to repeat itself!

The Napkin Dress

Paris Hilton Wearing The Napkin Dress in 2002

Image Credit: – Getty Images, photographed by Dave Bennet

The napkin-style dress that Paris Hilton wore in 2002 has never gone out of style, even twenty years later! This silhouette remains in many dress and top trends and the blinged-out rhinestones are a blinding element to this iconic dress that everyone is still obsessed with! This piece is like a staple in the ‘going out’ scene and is the perfect way to make a show-stopping appearance! Paris Hilton knew what she was doing with this one! She accessorized the look with an equally blinged-out chocker, strappy heels and a very smokey eye.

Juicy Couture Maniac

Paris Hilton wearing Juicy Couture in 2004

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Until this day, Paris Hilton is still obsessed with Juicy Couture as this is one of her main markers as a fashion icon! Paris Hilton has been spotted wearing Juicy Couture tracksuits on so many occasions that it is impossible to count! In 2019, she told Vogue that she has an “entire closet devoted to Juicy Couture.” She expresses that if she was gonna wear a tracksuit, it had to be Juicy and we can totally see that as it explains her girly and glamorous style wrapped up in a tracksuit!

The Juicy Couture velour tracksuit is a defining garment of Y2K and we love how interesting and chic Paris made this look while pairing the suit with heeled boots and large sunglasses in 2004 … talk about effortless! This was also the year when Juicy led the fashion world and made the idea of tracksuits as fashion a thing. Due to celebrities like Paris Hilton and movies like “Mean Girls,” this was a winning year for Juicy!

Mini Skirt Advocate

Paris Hilton wearing a mini skirt, Dior bag and beret.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Paris Hilton loves a good mini skirt and we love the way it compliments her in this baby blue and white outfit. Paris is spotted wearing mini skirts on so many occasions which confirms that it is definitely one of her go-tos. She even advocates for them in a video for W Magazine saying that “skirts should be the size of a belt, life’s short, take risks!” Her saying this definitely justifies her obsession with mini skirts, as well as her fashion choices overall! She paired the skirt with a white Saddle Dior bag that we have seen resurfacing a lot recently. Everything about this outfit screams Y2K and Paris Hilton is the reason for this domination!

When it comes to Y2K, Paris Hilton takes the crown. Her paparazzi pictures during the 2000s are iconic and almost seem alive with the Y2K trend being so relevant in fashion today! These outfits have a strong sense of nostalgia as these are the original Y2K looks that did not pass the test of time to resurface again, this was the era that came first before seeing into a Y2K-inspired future. Paris Hilton is one of the Y2K street-style pioneers and we cannot thank her enough for what she inspired!

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