Netflix and Uber Eats took a back seat this Sunday as NASCAR took the wheel, including a fully catered VIP experience. On Sunday May 19th, HOLR attended the Castrol Victoria Day SpeedFest, featuring the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

Photography by: Isabella Pugiotto, Josh Davies, Lucas Pavan

NASCAR is undoubtedly one of the most iconic American associations to date with an international reach, and global recognition for automobile racing — breaking world records for speed throughout its years of operating. The organization has brought about some of the largest crowds and has invoked an interest in masses worldwide for stock, and sport car racing. NASCAR today carries on to maintain its reputable image, along with evolving its brand through rising youth that continue to build the NASCAR legacy. 

This past weekend, thousands of RVs and campers flooded the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Canada this past weekend in attendance of the highly anticipated Victoria Day SpeedFest. As the rich smell of BBQ filled the air, the sun was shining for the mid-morning start time. Engines were roaring, and the competition was certainly heating up.

TJ Rinomato, NASCAR Driver

Of course the main attraction was the on-track action, but the incredible vantage point from the fully stocked hospitality tent was noteworthy — facilitating the way we were able to feel and see the whole experience. The VIP areas were attributed by the top-tier view of the track, along with gourmet lunch, drinks and snacks throughout the afternoon. The VIP section overlooked the track and was undoubtedly the loudest section with all the cheering. 


Eyes were glued to the track, soaking up the second-hand adrenaline rush.  This was the official inaugural HOLR x NASCAR race — and the first of many to come. 

Throughout time, racing has certainly changed over the years. Fortunately, NASCAR icon Jim Bray was in attendance and able to shed some light on the sport for those who may have been a bit unfamiliar with the history. Bray is an extremely experienced legacy within the industry with much to learn from, having raced since 1962.  He proceeded to explain how competition today is more fierce than ever, “The competition today is unbelievable, when I raced you could get lapped every 10 laps and still finish anywhere from 4th-15th…today, that just wouldn’t be possible.”  By the sounds of it, the crowd was witnessing NASCAR at a very exciting and pivotal time.  

As soon as the final car flew across the finish line, we made our way back down to the paddock to share in the post-race celebration. The team got up close and personal at the Grand Prix Club with drivers TJ Rinomato and Mark Dilley who took part in the race.

Mark Dilley NASCAR Driver

I spoke with Ken House, pit crew for Rinomato’s first race who proudly declared “TJ had an excellent pit stop, just like a pro.” We have high hopes for the HOLR racing team. Undoubtedly, the association with NASCAR will bring an incredible amount of excitement and healthy competition.

NASCAR, for a long time coming, has been an influential association and form of entertainment for diverse crowds of all ages, ethnicities and gender. It continues to evolve, while gaining attention from a variety of demographics and the newer generations including Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

Although NASCAR is a tradition with events that have been occurring for years and years, the events bring about astonishing experiences for thrill seekers, and crowds of friends and families looking to have a great time while enjoying the weather. So if you’re looking for the next best event to attend, there isn’t a doubt you should most definitely attend one of the NASCAR races if you have yet to experience one.

So what’s next for HOLR drivers TJ and Mark in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series? Find the full schedule of upcoming races here.

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