Winona Ryder proves she is the princess of nineties grunge in the latest Marc Jacobs campaign!

If “Winona Ryder” was defined in the dictionary, the definition would read “grunge icon of the nineties”. The star of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, was known for sporting grunge looks back in the nineties, which is why her return with Marc Jacobs is so nostalgic to see. Winona is the face of the brand’s newest campaign, debuting their collection of the J Marc shoulder bag. Marc Jacobs teased on Instagram (@marcjacobs) in late May that “something new” was coming sharing a carousel of throwback photos of Winona. A few days later came the release of the campaign, with Winona decked out from head to toe in multiple ninety’s grunge looks.

Winona Ryder x Marc Jacobs

Credit Image: Instagram @marcjacobs

Winona Ryder and Marc Jacobs

Winona has been a long-time friend of Marc and has had a long-time working relationship with the brand. Their relationship began from her shoplifting incident in 2001. At the height of her career, Winona was arrested for shoplifting at Saks Fifth Avenue stealing USD 5,560 worth of merchandise. This included a USD 760 Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater. After her arrest, she wore the chicest outfits to a highly publicized six-day trial. One such outfit consisted of a Marc Jacobs dress. Winona was guilty of felony grand theft and vandalism, resulting in three years of probation, a hefty fine, and 480 hours of community service.

Winona Ryder in Marc Jacobs F/W 2001 to trial

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Interestingly, Marc Jacobs saw this as an advertising opportunity where the grunge star received her first campaign with the brand back in 2003. Their relationship did not stop there. In 2015, she continued to work with Marc Jacobs as she became the face of their beauty line. 

Bringing 90’s Grunge Back

Fast forward to 2022. More than twenty years since her incident and an almost-happy anniversary of her first campaign with Marc Jacobs, she is back at it! For the photo shoot, Harley Weir photographed her while Emma Wyman styled her. Together they produced the ultimate throwback. Winona was donned in a complete glam, grunge look. The outfits were from the Marc Jacobs runway archives, which included the lace pieces, the platform Kiki boots, and the tulle black skirt she is wearing. Her dark makeup, fresh black manicure, and slick edgy bangs covering her face (did someone say Beetlejuice?), scream nineties grunge princess. Winona proves she is a grunge icon and that the nineties are thriving in today’s fashion industry

Winona Ryder for Marc Jacobs campaign

Image Credit: Instagram @marcjacobs

Nylon strap

Image Credit: Instagram @marcjacobs

Winona Ryder x Marc Jacobs

Image Credit: Instagram @marcjacobs

The J Marc Shoulder Bag

The J Marc shoulder bag is a versatile purse, shown in the campaign. The collection features pops of bright colours, neutrals, a two-tone colour-way, and a trendy monogram pattern. In addition, the bag is available in gold or silver hardware and comes with two different straps. It includes a chunky chain (a nod to the Marc Jacobs Stam purse) or a nylon strap, which are both removable. Moreover, the J Marc is a practical everyday purse that’s not too small and not too big. Its size is enough to fit all the essentials. The bag retails from CAD 525-565 and is available on the Marc Jacobs website.  

An evening look

Image Credit: Instagram @marcjacobs

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