The Korean beauty brand, Innisfree, celebrates natural beauty by launching the Lava Seawater Collection. Known for its unique take on skincare, Innisfree is a beauty brand dedicated to sustainably providing natural ingredient products. The Lava Seawater Collection incorporates Innisfree’s formulas that have been proven to be highly effective, creating the ultimate anti-aging skincare line. 

With its latest collection, Innisfree chose to emphasize the powerhouse ingredient, Lava Seawater, a natural ingredient sourced from the Island of Jeju. Powerhouse ingredients are known to have a multitude of health benefits that will significantly improve your well-being. The Lava Seawater used in the collection is carefully sourced from the Island of Jeju by collecting mineral-rich seawater that has gained powerhouse properties from soaking in the volcanic rock found on the island. Made up of four products, a toner, emulsion, serum, and cream mask, the Lava Seawater collection is designed to be the ultimate four-step skincare routine for plump and moisturized skin. 

The Lava Seawater skincare routine can be comprised of four steps, beginning with the Moisture Plumping Toner. Infused with Lava Seawater, Innisfree’s Moisture Plumping Toner is the perfect start to brightening up your skin, as it gives an immediate cooling effect to provide you with a refreshing feel. The toner can be used to clean the skin of impurities by gently wiping or as a DIY mask. The next step in a beauty routine is to balance, and Innisfree’s Moisture Plumping Emulsion is the perfect product to help reduce the look of dry skin while balancing moisture and oil levels. Once you have applied the emulsion, you will want to use the Moisture Plumping Serum by Innisfree. The Moisture Plumping Serum is designed to minimize pores while keeping the skin supple and firm. The final step in the Lava Seawater skincare routine is Innisfree’s Moisture Plumping Cream Mask, a formula designed to continue the plumping effect, that can be used as a moisturizer or sleeping mask. Together the four products of the Lava Seawater Collection create an enriching skincare routine that is sure to achieve miraculous results.

Innisfree is devoted to sharing the power and beauty of natural ingredient products. The mission Innisfree holds is heavily focused on maintaining sustainable and ethical sourcing methods while developing innovative beauty products that are unlike any other. All products in the Lava Seawater Collection are priced below $45 and are available at Innisfree’s in-store locations. To learn more about Innisfree and the Lava Seawater Collection, you can visit