If you have had doubts about whether or not fake pee actually exists, doubt no more. It’s real and is being used extensively by weed smokers and others when they are subjected to a medical drug test.

Taking a medical drug test using your own urine as a regular or new weed smoker and expecting a clean bill reading ‘No Drugs Detected’ is deceiving yourself. Synthetic urine is the solution to passing a cannabis drug test.

So What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine or fake pee as is commonly referred is a chemical substance designed with an appearance, smell, chemical properties, and composition similar to that of real human urine. Every essential component in real natural urine such as urea, uric acid, creatinine, sulfates, and ammonia are all present in the synthetic urine.

Factors That Make Synthetic Urine Viable For A Medical Cannabis Drug Test

  1.   Creatinine Level

Creators of synthetic urine add small creatinine quantities in the fake pee to make it look like real pee from the human body. The reason for this is that the small creatinine levels don’t have a massive impact in producing a positive result in a urine test.

  1.   Color

Synthetic urine has to be convincing in appearance if at all it is to be submitted to a lab for a medical cannabis drug test. Creators of fake pee have been able to make the synthetic urine have that yellowish pee-like color that makes it look convincing to everyone that sees it.

  1.   pH Level

The pH level is first measured from the original human urine. The creators of the synthetic urine then dilute some components to make the fake pee appear real. They then make tests and make the necessary improvements in the mixture to attain that desired pH level.

  1.   Temperature

Creators of fake pee first measure the temperature of real urine. They then add some specialized chemicals to the synthetic urine to make the temperature match that of real human urine.

What To Check For When Choosing Synthetic Urine For Medical Cannabis Testing

Having looked at the essential factors that make synthetic urine a viable alternative to use when going for a cannabis medical drug test instead of real urine, here are a few things to check for when choosing the actual synthetic urine product to work with:

  1.   Uric Acid

Considering the fact that real urine has uric acid in it, chemists will test for its presence when doing a drug test. As such, it’s very important that the synthetic urine product you use has the right amount of uric acid in it.

  1.   Temperature

Urine has a temperature ranging between 36 and 37°C. The synthetic urine product that you choose to work with should have a temperature similar to that or real urine. An excellent synthetic urine product will have a heating pad to help keep the urine warm. It should also have a temperature strip to display the current temperature reading.

  1.   Sourced From A Trusted Dealer

With the increase in demand for the use of synthetic urine to pass a medical cannabis drug test, many counterfeit synthetic urine products have populated the market. Using a poor quality product will cost you a great deal.

It’s paramount that you purchase fake pee from a trusted dealer with a high rating from previous customers. We recommend that you purchase quality synthetic urine from Quick Fix.