Cruella is currently becoming one of the hottest movies in recent weeks because of the content, actors, and especially the fashion sense of the lead actress Emma Stone. Let’s take a look at the best iconic fashion moments in the movie Cruella so we can see how well the fashion style is designed and invested.


Cruella not only brings success with a novel and unique plot and movie version but viewers are also attracted by the famous fashion outfits from the main character – Emma Stone. Only the main colors are black, white, red, gray, along with the hair that is realistically depicted from the plot; The actress has created a special effect in expressing her sharpness and charm through her fashionable outfits. As Stone mentioned: “Once you put this wild, black and white hair and this incredible makeup and these unique costumes on, you feel like Cruella De Vil.” Let’s take a look back at the best fashion moments from Cruella by the skillful designer Jenny Beaven, who created the film outfits and created this powerful fashion effect.

The Future

the future

This is a very special outfit with a punk revolution theme. Although the jacket is not too prominent, it has created a charm for her yellow pants. And it’s hard to believe that Emma Stone can wear designs from the 70s and they even match her perfectly. The highlight for this outfit is the graffiti makeup style. The make-up is the highlight of this outfit with the line “the Future” drawn like a mask on the face. Not only that, but the red lipstick with shimmer also becomes very unique and makes Cruella more attractive than ever.

The Lady Red Dress

red dress

This is the sexiest dress in Cruella’s movie. Not too revealing or fussy, the dress is extremely elegant and sophisticated but creates a strong highlight with trendy and luxurious red tones. The dress hugged Emma Stone’s figure and captured the audience’s attraction. Besides, the black mask and brown gloves are also the perfect highlights to create a very charming Cruella lady.

The Dalmatian Coat 

dalmatian coat

The movie Cruella is impossible without the image of dalmatians. And this coat is inspired by the image of dalmatians like don’t worry, this is just a reference image, no dogs were harmed during the making of the film. She wore a fake Dalmatian gown at a punk rock fashion show.

The Garbage Dress 


This is probably the dress that left the most impressive in the movie. When the Baron gives an interview, then comes the scene where the truck pulls up and pulls a bunch of goods and then Cruella appears in a very special dress. The highlight of the dress is the folded newspapers to make the whole outfit more prominent.

The Royalty Dress 


Viewers certainly can’t take their eyes off this extremely gorgeous dress of Cruella. The top is designed like a royal shirt with glittering gold chains and the bottom is a red flared skirt that is extremely seductive and shows Cruella’s power. The red and black tones are designed to be extremely flexible and each outfit is a separate colour that makes a deep impression on the viewer.

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