Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta candidly shared her thoughts on filming kissing scenes with co-star Emraan Hashmi.

Known for his bold on-screen persona, Hashmi has often been dubbed the “serial kisser” of Bollywood. However, Dutta’s perspective sheds light on the discomfort that can sometimes accompany intimate scenes in the film industry.

Tanushree Dutta and Emraan Hashmi created a bold and memorable on-screen moment in their 2005 movie “Aashiq Banaya Aapne” through a passionate kiss, which garnered significant attention from the audience. Their sizzling chemistry during that scene became a talking point in Bollywood. However, in a recent revelation, Tanushree opened up about the experience, stating that despite the undeniable heat on screen, filming those kissing scenes with Emraan was, in reality, quite awkward. This admission adds a layer of complexity to what is considered one of the most intimate moments in Bollywood, offering a candid glimpse into the less glamorous side of filming such scenes.

Discussing the notable attention their on-screen kiss received, Tanushree Dutta shared insights with Filmgyan, emphasizing that Emraan Hashmi had always been a fellow actor to her since day one. Having collaborated on three films together, including their 2005 movie “Chocolate,” where they had filmed a kissing scene that didn’t make the final cut, Dutta revealed that the initial experience of kissing Emraan was remarkably awkward. However, she noted that the awkwardness diminished the second time around, as in real life, they lacked the chemistry that often accompanies on-screen partnerships. This candid revelation sheds light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of actors navigating intimate scenes and the distinction between on-screen portrayals and real-life connections. She also said- “He does have a kisser-boy image, but he is not the most comfortable kisser. And neither am I.”

The actress delved into the complexities of shooting such scenes, shedding light on the fact that on-screen chemistry doesn’t always translate into off-screen ease. Dutta emphasized the importance of communication and comfort between actors when filming intimate sequences, pointing out that the process can be challenging if there is a lack of understanding or chemistry between co-stars.

Emraan Hashmi, who has gained fame for his bold and unconventional roles, has been an integral part of the Hindi film industry for years. His approach to intimate scenes has often been a subject of discussion in Bollywood, with fans and critics alike acknowledging his commitment to his characters.

This particular scene marked one of Emraan Hashmi’s initial forays into bold and intimate sequences, playing a pivotal role in solidifying his ‘Serial Kisser’ persona in the film industry. Emraan Hashmi made his debut in 2003 with “Footpath” but catapulted to fame with his compelling performance in “Murder” (2004).

Renowned for his unconventional film selections, Emraan Hashmi has successfully carved out a niche for himself by portraying intense and bold characters on the silver screen. In stark contrast, Tanushree Dutta, who exited the film industry over a decade ago, is currently in the process of staging a comeback to films. After a significant hiatus, she is gearing up to re-enter the world of cinema, marking a potential return to the limelight and a new chapter in her acting career.

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