Fans of Love is Blind are wondering if Jessica and Jimmy end up sleeping together as an upcoming trailer shows a heated argument between Jimmy and Chelsea. HOLR breaks down the rumors. 

Jimmy Love is Blind

A new trailer from Love is Blind season 6 sees Chelsea seemingly arguing with Jimmy claiming, “I know you slept with her,” before the trailer cuts out (HOLR previously discussed this here).  Although this scene in the Netflix series has not played out yet, recent episodes that just dropped show that Jimmy’s past love interest- Jessica- still allegedly has feelings for him.

Could this mean that Jimmy and Jessica slept together?

It is unclear as the season hasn’t finished and this episode where the scene plays out hasn’t aired yet so it is all speculation regarding whether or not Jimmy actually slept with someone else while engaged to Chelsea. It could also be alluding to a past relationship or Jimmy hasn’t actually slept with anyone and it could be false. Right now, it is up in the air as all of the episodes have not aired.

Love is Blind Jessica and Jimmy

Jessica and Jimmy formed a deep connection in the pods before Jimmy eventually chose Chelsea over Jessica. In a recent episode of Love is Blind, we see Jessica and Laura chatting about her former connection with Jimmy, where Jessica reveals that she fell in love with someone who fell in love with someone else, alluding to her relationship with Jimmy and Jimmy’s relationship with Chelsea.

During their chat, Jessica also claims that he must be thinking of her after it was discovered that he sent her a friend request and then withdrew it. “If we were in person and I heard his voice, I’m like, ‘what would that do to me?'” she says to Laura.

She stands by their “electric” conversations in the pod and although she hopes Chelsea and Jimmy are in love, she states that she’s “not over Jimmy.”

Although we don’t know for sure if Jimmy slept with someone yet or if he did, who it is that he actually slept with, this season of Love is Blind is definitely an interesting one! We will have to wait and see what the next few episodes bring as we continue to see how Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship plays out- or if Jessica has anything to do with it. 

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