A TikToker took to the platform to rehash a terrifying experience during a Taylor Swift Eras tour stop, recently.

One “Swiftie” had a scary experience during Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert stops.

Taylor Swift Tour 2023

This TikTok, published by user @fantastic_fiction, describes a nightmare experience she recently had while in attendance at Swift’s Eras Tour.


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During the TikTok video, the user claims that she left with two-thirds of the Eras tour left because she reportedly felt “uncomfortable, unsafe, and terrified.” Debating whether or not she was going to upload this video, the TikToker goes into detail about how she was in attendance for one of the Eras tour stops, and around 5:30 pm a mass announcement came on to shelter because of lightning.

As a result, “everyone in the lower bowl and floor seats all had to go up and underneath the stadium,” according to the TikToker. This was allegedly to happen until the shelter warning passed. The TikToker states that it got a little crowded at first but that it was initially fine. For 3 1/2 out of those 4 hours, she claims that she was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with nowhere to go. She also claimed that at multiple points it got “really tight.”

“I literally thought I was going to be like another like Travis Scott like fatality,” she says. The TikToker also states that she has “never been so scared” for her life. She couldn’t leave, she had nowhere to go, and, allegedly, people would not let her leave or do anything.

The TikToker is not a stranger to large crowds and understands mosh pits but this experience was different. The TikToker also claims that people were “dropping left and right and fainting.” As a result, it was difficult for medical personnel to get through and help, allegedly leading to panic.

Once it was showtime, “chaos erupted on the floor,” claims the TikToker. People were pushing and the TikToker’s partner almost got “drug under a couple of times”because of the crowd surges. By showtime, the TikToker was in tears and could not enjoy the show.

Swift and her team have yet to address this alleged drama that ensued during her show, although Swift did post this tweet recently thanking the crowd for “waiting for the weather to clear.”

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