A Texas nurse was arrested after allegedly having s*x with a Great Dane.

According to this article by Daily Mail, the clip of a woman, a Texas Nurse, allegedly having s*x with a Great Dane was allegedly found by cops after her husband was reportedly caught “flashing.”

Texas Nurse Great Dane

As outlined in the article, the nurse, Joely, and her husband, William Mitchell Keen, were supposedly arrested and both are facing s*x crime charges after it was revealed that disturbing footage was found. This disturbing footage includes an alleged video of the woman having s*x with a Great Dane.

Joely Keen Texas

Supposedly, the woman was captured engaging in “multiple s*x acts” with the Great Dane.  As a result, the woman was charged with bestiality

Texas Nurse Arrested

The nurse’s husband was allegedly arrested after an incident occurred when he was charged with indecent exposure last month. Following his arrest, cops seemingly found the evidence of the videos.

Joely Keen dog video

According to this TikTok video posted by use @vybemedia, explicit videos of the woman found on her husband’s phone allegedly showed her engaging in disturbing acts with the family dog.

As the TikTok video claims, the husband was allegedly arrested for engaging in appropriate behavior at a supermarket. When his phone was confiscated by the cops, they discovered the disturbing videos of his wife and the dog. Police claimed that there was a significant number of disturbing footage on the phone.

After a search was done at the house, their children were removed and reportedly sent to live with other relatives.

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Image credits via @vybemedia TikTok

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