Golf is a thought-provoking sport of skill, integrity, and strategy. Though it is relatively complex, the fashion in golf doesn’t need to be.

The golf season is in full swing, and Robert Barakett has entered the scene to help you look your best while still focusing on your game. Robert Barakett is THE contemporary menswear brand with only one mission at hand: To create the best everyday basics by bringing into play the highest quality fabrics. The label offers a variety of lightweight and comfortable pieces with innovative design. It will strike your golf attire to the next level.

Highlighted below are some of our favourites.

The Barakett Zip Polo

The Barakett zip polo.

Image Credit: robertbarakett.com

This polo is a new classic. It features the exclusive Georgia fabric with a zip front, giving it a more modern look in comparison to original polo shirts. The polo is made from 100 per cent USA grown Prima cotton with a signature gunmetal zipper. Another thing about this piece is the different colours it comes in.

The short sleeve polo means that it is perfect for a session of golf on a warm sunny day. This will also allow a swift swing of the arms making the sport a little bit easier.

This product can be bought here for $115.

Cloverdale Polo

The Cloverdale Polo.

Image Credit: robertbarakett.com

Staying away from the more modern polo previously, this one is a more classic style with the buttons. It is one of Robert Barakett’s softest and most comfortable fabrics. Though it brings a casual look, there is a chance people might be looking at you instead of your golfing skills,

Because of the soft fabric, a long day out on the golfing course means the shirt won’t be bothersome. The sweat and piercing sun won’t be a problem for the muted polo. And again, swinging the club won’t be an issue because of the short sleeves. On the other hand, long sleeves on your shirt can restrict movement of the arms.

This product can be bought here for $99.50.

Lomita Short

Lomita shorts by Robert Barakett.

Image Credit: robertbarakett.com

Moving onto the leg wear, this is Robert Brakett’s MOTION knit shorts. The fine stitch knit allows for easy wear and care. These shorts are smooth including an extra coin pocket with gunmetal rivet. The best part about these shorts is that, they are a mix of comfort and style.

Wearing shorts for golf is essential when the weather is warm. Especially when airflow and comfort are more important than the protection of the legs. Not only that, but these shorts are practical – allowing freedom of movement. But most importantly, they are stylish.

This product can be brought here for $110.

 Anaheim Short

Anaheim shorts by Robert Barakett.

Image Credit: robertbarakett.com

Who knew golf shorts could come in so much variety? The Anaheim short comes in a combination of comfort, but full of style. These are made from Robert Barakett’s premium MOTION knit fabric. The distinct style is the elegant plaid print and a four-way stretch for sports. You could also wear this for a date on those lovely summer nights.

As mentioned before, if the weather permits and you’re in the mood of looking classy, you can pull these bad boys on. With a golf club in your hand, you can swing for a bogey and look stylish at the same time. The camera operators will be in for a treat as well as they capture each leg muscle move in full flow during the swing.

This product can be purchased here for $99.50.

Published by: HOLR Magazine.