How does one become a criminal? What motivates them to commit a crime? Is the debate between nature and nurture relevant to how a criminal is made? When investigating and profiling a criminal we need to focus on more than just the surface level information and dig deeper into their psychology. 

To brand someone a criminal is no easy task. It requires one to pay attention to the little details, consider all possibilities, most important- understand the mindset of the killer, and try to determine their motivation to commit a specific crime. Therefore, this field requires the assistance of psychologists and neurologists to aid the process. 

Psychology is one of the most diverse fields of study, and nothing is ever predetermined or the same. Criminal Psychology, if simply described, is the study of the behaviour of a criminal. Of course, over time different studies can reveal patterns and similarities however those can only ever be used as reference. Thus, when one tries to examine a crime, it is essential to consider the suspects’ biological, cognitive and socio-cultural aspects and try to make relevant correlations to the clues the perpetrator leaves behind. 

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A rather fascinating example of criminal psychology is the case of the infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. Bundy was caught after his killing spree, which resulted in the death of 36 young women in the 1970s. He was declared a sociopath, rapist and necrophiliac. 

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While biological dispositions can be a cause of unusual behavioural patterns- most often, unstable growth environments could also trigger the “dark side” in a person which could lead them to commit heinous crimes. 

Criminal profiling is an excellent way to study distinguishable cases as well as make records of them, they offer good references. Additionally, a professional’s advice and perspective in the psychology of neurology departments can aid the justice system to come to fruitful decisions and punish those who deserve it.

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