Spending the day stuck inside because of the weather doesn’t have to be boring if you don’t want it to.

There are plenty of ways to get creative and avoid a downpour downer by finding something to do that isn’t just watching a movie or reading a book. Here are some of our favourite things to do on rainy days.

Do a Throwback Day

If you’ve got some decades-old vintage clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear, now’s the time! Pick an era, throw on some old slacks and suspenders, and put on some records from back in the day.

Hit the Museum

If it’s open and you’re comfortable braving the rain to get there, spending the day at the museum is a great way to walk around, learn a little, and have some fun without being caught outside too long. Plus lots of museums are cheaper in the daytime on weekdays too!

Try a New Recipe 

Bake that super fancy cake you’ve seen on Instagram! Try the super easy recipe you saw on TikTok! Take that old cookbook off the shelf, open it to a random page, and point! If you’ve got the ingredients, then all you needed was the time to make it!

Have a Paint Night

Whether it’s a quick trip to an art supply or just the dollar store if you want to be frugal, get yourself a couple of tubes of paint and some canvases and get creative! You can pull up some old Bob Ross videos on YouTube, or just go freestyle. Pair with wine and cheese if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Pull Out Your Old Video Games

If your Nintendo 64 or old Playstation from the ‘90s is still kicking around in your closet, this is your perfect opportunity to blow the dust off of it and rip through some classics you haven’t played since you were a kid.

Board Games Work Too

You don’t need to overthink it. Keeping it simple and going for the classic rainy-day activity works just as well, and can be a great way to unwind with friends and family on an afternoon inside.

Learn a Fancy Cocktail Recipe

If your go-to drink comes in a can or is something simple to make like a G&T, why not take this as an excuse to treat yourself and embrace your inner bartender. Try a Sazerac or a Singapore Sling, something so you can feel accomplished and impress your friends next time they come for drinks.

Do a Home Movie Theatre Night

Okay so if you are going to watch a movie, there’s no reason it has to be just watching a movie of it. Make an affair of it! Move your couch or chairs around to set up a little theatre, make lots of popcorn with fancy flavoring, and pick a theme for your marathon: binge superhero movies, do a drama-comedy double feature, whatever you feel!