Having lived in rainy places most of my life, I’ve found myself most at peace gazing out of the window with a soundtrack to enhance the experience, sometimes sipping on a warm cup of tea. Here are some of my favourite songs to listen to when it rains:

Credit: Alekhya Dossa Remedios

Katawaredoki – RADWIMPS (Your Name OST)

Not exactly a song but part of the original soundtrack to one of my favourite movies of all time, Your Name. This track is absolutely breathtaking. The piano refrain mingles with the orchestral instruments in the background to make an emotional experience out of the gloomy weather. 

Wash Away (Reprise) – Joe Purdy

This pleasant song brings feelings of peace. The music and lyrics work in tandem to create a soothing experience. I recently found out that the TV show Lost featured it in its first season. If the rain makes me feel gloomy, this song comforts me and lifts my spirits. 

Sham – Amit Trivedi

Sham is the Hindi word for evening. I love listening to this one at any time of the year, but it pierces my heart in a greater capacity on rainy days. This delicate ode to an evening spent in someone’s company enjoying the silence is captivating in a lighthearted manner. 

the stars – Chelsea Cutler

One of my favourite tracks from the album brent ii, ‘the stars’ sets the tone for a rainy evening. A slow acoustic ballad, this song is just vulnerability at its finest. 

full stop – Jeremy Zucker

This experimental track merges different sounds into one coherent song. Zucker’s soothing vocals tie the sections together, along with the poetic lyrics which help immerse you into the unique experience this song provides.

Love Like This (Acoustic) – Kodaline

This stripped-down acoustic version of Kodaline’s track is all the more heartbreaking and calming. The original is more desperate, while the acoustic version sounds regretfully despondent which denotes a sense of acceptance that the love will not last forever.

Sweet Night – V

An indie-pop song that doubles as a healing lullaby paints the picture of two people as ships passing each other in the night, meeting briefly only to part forever. This gently remorseful track brings tears to my eyes every time.

seoul – RM

If you’ve ever lived in a city you took for granted without learning to appreciate it, this song will resound. RM’s song about his personal experience with the city of Seoul portrays the love-hate relationship many have with the cities they inhabit. 

august, This Love, Clean, Wonderland, evermore, my tears ricochet, Sad Beautiful Tragic, the 1 – Taylor Swift

What’s a rain playlist without a little Taylor Swift? If you have a flair for the dramatic like I do, these songs will transport you to a land where you play the lead in your very own sad romance movie. They feel especially emotional when complemented by the patter of rain outside.