How often do we hear that all changes must start on the inside? Making sure we keep our mentalities, perspective, and discipline in check will surely radiate from the inside out.

Guess what? It’s never been truer. HOLR’s fitness expert Karla Gillis explains that the brain is a muscle itself and that we need to work it out as much as we work out the rest of our bodies. However, unlike our bodies, our brain makes all the decisions, and dedicating yourself to a healthier lifestyle must actually start from within.

“Starting a journey towards a healthy and fit lifestyle can be overwhelming because like anything new you start, you are out of your comfort zone. But comfort zones are not a good place to be if you want change or grow as an individual in any aspect of life from your personal goals to your work performance.” – Karla Gillis


The important thing is to start small. Karla says that when she starts training a new client, the first thing she tells them is to start with a 5-10 minute long guided meditation session first thing in the morning.


Karla recommends this video which she uses as well!


Following the meditation, Karla tells her clients to do a 15-minute fat burning routine. She explains that the importance about doing this is to wake up your brain cells, kick start your metabolism, and to release endorphins. Sounds like an overall win if you ask me. If you’re willing to commit to this, it’s important to understand that changes aren’t overnight and do require an open mind, but with discipline, consistency, and patience, the effects will show before you know it. Gillis actually says the effects will last you a lifetime.


As a parting quote, she leaves her clients with something to remember:

“Good things go where good energy flows.”

It’s hard to feel bad about a body you’re taking care of.