The Body Shop is known for its wide array of beauty, skincare, haircare, and bath and body products. These all come in different amazing fragrances but the public’s favourite one has to be White Musk.

The Body Shop’s White Musk is infused with a fresh blend of rose, jasmine, warm spice and amber notes. This earthy flowery scent has become one of their customer’s favourites and because of this, they have a large variety of products that include it. 

White Musk Shower Gel – $13

This White Musk Shower Gel will leave your body feeling fresher than daisies. Made with The Body Shop’s cruelty-free musk, its floral scent will refresh your skin and leave you with a heavenly scent.

White Musk Body Lotion – $16

Your skin will be extra silky and soft with this White Musk Body Lotion. And as a bonus, you will also have that exquisite scent all over your body.

White Musk Perfume Oil – $25

If your skin tends to be a little on the drier side this White Musk Perfume Oil will work wonders for you because it works with your natural oils and not against them. It is also a better alternative to perfume because it lasts longer so you will be able to carry that amazing flowery scent with you all day.

White Musk Flora Eau De Toilette – $20

The White Musk Flora is a new twist on The Body Shop’s cruelty-free musk. Its scent is a blend of uplifting notes of bergamot and pink pepper with a blooming bouquet of peonies and lily of the valley.

White Musk L’eau Eau de Toilette – $30

This White Musk L’eau fragrance has been sweetened with notes of pear for a deliciously fruity layer that fits effortlessly with the iconic floral blend lily of the valley, jasmine and rose essence. Its scent brings the welcoming freshness of Spring.

White Musk For Men Hair and Body Wash – $16

This body wash not only works on hair but also skin, leaving both with the refreshing scent of the White Musk For Men Fragrance.

White Musk For Men Eau De Toilette – $30

A mix of soft and familiar lavender, bold and citrusy geranium, warm and woody cruelty-free musk and smooth and creamy sandalwood, this White Musk For Men Eau De Toilette has the perfect casual and confident scent.

White Musk Sport Hair and Body Wash – $16

The White Musk Sport Hair and Body Wash will leave your skin and hair not only clean but with a zesty and citrusy scent. You can layer it with any other White Musk Sport products to build the fragrance.

White Musk Sport Eau De Toilette – $30

The grapefruit and lemon scent with notes of amber of the White Musk Sport Eau De Toilette is durable and will still be there after any kind of activity. You can layer it with any other White Musk Sport products to build the fragrance.


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