With every great tragedy comes new life and that is exactly how the birth of Arm the Animals Clothing Co. began. In 2010 the founder’s sister had unfortunately passed away. She was an animal advocate her entire life and a loving pet parent to a dozen rescue animals. The company was created in her honor and as a means of carrying on her legacy. 

Arm the Animals is a profitable organization selling retail products online to help support and grow awareness for over 150 non-profit animal welfare organizations. When you buy from their website, each purchase made will not only help fund donations to these organizations but also contribute to supplying them with budget-friendly website development, graphics, and marketing opportunities. No matter what you buy, you can feel confident that your purchase is helping animals in need. 

Offering a wide range of design options, there is surely a style suitable for everyone. Their latest collection which reads “My Dog Bites Racists” adds some comedic relief to the unfortunate circumstances of the world right now while also empowering those who stand up for unity and equality. Like most Arm the Animals products, this collection is available starting at just under $30 CAD. 

If comedy isn’t to your liking then perhaps animal advocation is. Arm the Animals has played a big role in helping to raise money for animal welfare organizations’ efforts in sending relief to areas that are hardest hit by major tragedies. One example is their “Wildfire Relief Australia” tees released for the 2019/2020 fires in Australia burning over 17 million acres of land and killing/displacing over 3 billion animals. Through this campaign, they raised $11,000 which was all donated to the wildlife rescue WIRES. Alongside WIRES, Arm the Animals has released several other special tees including ones supporting Raju the elephant, Cecil the lion, animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, and many more.

Arm the Animals has been supporting and helping animal organizations around the world for 10 years, so it is no surprise that they have caught the attention of some celebrity figures along the way. Jessica Alba, Perez Hilton, Allison Pill, Jayma Mays, and Ashley Greene are just a few of the many celebrities showing their support and love for the animals. You can find a list of all their famous fans online under the “About Us” tab.

Fashion is the visual representation of who you are and what you like. If you love animals and you love clothes, then why not support one while still having the other. Every purchase placed is printed to order helping not only the animals but the planet as well. Small actions can make huge differences and with Arm the Animals you know that your action is always forwarded, not pocketed. Be the change, support small businesses, and help spread awareness of the things that matter.