Tree Dashers are Allbirds’ first performance shoe made with natural materials (merino wool, eucalyptus, sugarcane). The Tree Dasher is a neutral running shoe, providing runners with flexible stability and natural cushioning with no compromise

Its sleek, lightweight design comes in four launch colours and is perfect for everything from your morning 5k-10ks to your dash to the grocery store. The Tree Dasher is Allbirds’ first product to be labeled with its carbon output: 9 KG of CO2 per pair, nearly 30% lower than the estimated average sneakers. Like all Allbirds products, the Tree Dashers are machine washable.

The Tree Dasher is the  most innovative product Allbirds has released to date.The brand strives to combine human health with the health of the planet because the two can and should exist in harmony. The team at Allbirds re-engineered their roster of premium natural materials (merino wool, eucalyptus, sugarcane) to give Tree Dasher the strength and speed to compete with a low impact on the planet.

While, for decades, athletic shoes have almost exclusively been crafted from plastic – a resource with a global production that emits enough carbon to blanket 25 million football fields annually. Allbirds are changing the expectations of the industry by providing a more environmentally friendly approach to  athletic footwear.

Unlike plastic, through responsible sourcing techniques and novel innovations, the sugarcane, eucalyptus and merino wool in the Dasher have the potential to suck more carbon out of the atmosphere than they take to produce. Plastic–even recycled plastic–will always come with a footprint.

On April 14, Allbirds announced that they will be labelling every product they make with a carbon footprint. Since we can’t reduce what we don’t measure, the team developed a Life Cycle Assessment tool with third-party carbon experts to meticulously measure the carbon intensity of every decision made–from materials to development, manufacturing, and end of life. The hope is that other brands will follow suit and include carbon footprints on their products moving forward, so one day shoppers will compare carbon numbers at the mall like they do nutritional labels in grocery aisles.