I think you can tell by my recent posts that I have, more than once, implied that educating the human race about current-day issues that stem from centuries of ignorance is not only beneficial to our understanding of life right now, it contributes to the betterment of humankind and evolution of the human race. I believe that taking the active decision to educate yourself on what’s going on in the world right now is you decide to participate in the societal evolution of the world.

But the main thing right now that can save the world from itself is educating children about modern-day issues that could potentially affect their livelihoods and the livelihoods of those around them. And to disintegrate the notion of being opinionated as a form of defiance or rebellion, strong minds are needed in this world, and encouraging our children to not be sheep is going to empower them and grant them the actual benefit of realizing their power.

Fueling the minds of our children with information that believing in what they believe in is their own special superpower is a way we can drive change into our world. So we NEED to PUSH for our kids to learn about things that actually matter.

Source, Google, International Youth Coalition

By doing this, not only are we fueling change, we’re instilling a type of assertiveness in our children and assuring their opinions and validating them. Something a lot of us wish we had when growing up. 

Due to the tons of incredible black women I follow on my social media platform, I often have a lot of parental support/advice posts on my explore or they share them to their stories and I, as a young black woman who plans to have children in the future, feel empowered at how these women approach motherhood and feel great about them being mothers who are deconstructing a lot of ideations when coming to parenting black kids. Our future leaders are in great hands.

We should PUSH to ENCOURAGE borderless expression in kids – be it in any way: sexual, mental, spiritual, emotional – we should push to give them space to form their own intellection from what we educate them. This means not forcing any type of stereotype upon them and not gendering processes, lifestyles, or everyday things. Destigmatizing matters that affect our everyday lives like, mental health, homosexuality, insecurity, sex, and so forth. This will not only move to deconstruct structures put in place to bring suffrage, it will reform a whole lot of things.

Source, Google, Matador Network

This can happen if we reform the way we talk to our children, the way we treat them, the way in which we react to things or talk about them, the things we talk our children about, and also making sure to be cautious of the spaces we constantly have our children in. Denounce the discrimination against any type of body that has been deemed socially unacceptable. Also, denounce the normalization of things that morally and structurally rigid, things like:

  • Cisgender Heterosexuality Being “The Right Way Of Life”

(don’t discourage or bash but don’t promote, give the children space to live the lives they want to live and discover their identity), 

  • Normalizing men in executive positions. 

(open their minds to a genderless concept of power by encouraging their dreams to not be bordered by stereotypes)


  • Gendered Expression 


(don’t encourage actions that driven by what is expected of certain genders, this will lessen their bias and homophobia)


  • Gendering Clothes


(allow them freedom of choice from a young age, also try to keep the clothing neutral to avoid leading them on to certain mentation)

And so forth. I am not a mother so I do not know the stresses of being one, should you have a concern or like to educate me of the realities of being a mother, please address me privately via my email mailularebecca4@gmail.com

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