Right now, the Birkenstock Boston has a chokehold on everyone and anyone in fashion. A shoe and brand that was made fun of and considered ugly is now a shoe that everyone wears, no matter the outfit, occasion and weather. 


The Birkenstock Boston is a shoe with such versatility, you can wear it with jeans and socks, you can wear it with trousers, and some have even worn it with a dress at a wedding (the Beckham/Peltz wedding.)

The Birkenstock company started way back in 1774 when they created insoles and eventually turned in those into fitness sandals that were endorsed by physicians and podiatrists. Now, Birkenstocks have become a new fashion sensation, for many they used to love them for their comfort and many ‘outdoors’ people would wear them in any form of fashion. 

Now, as fashion has taken a turn and has taken the weird and made it fashionable, the Birkenstock Boston has and is a part of that transition. The Boston is unlike the other Birkenstocks, with its closed-toe it allows itself to be more suitable in a variety of ways, you can wear it with socks or barefoot, but the best part is either way you do not see your toes. Fashion and toes are something not suitable for a lot of people, that is why men rarely wear sandals and one woman wears open-toed shoes. 


In late 2010, the Gucci Princetown loafer was a hit among both men and women, now the Birkenstock took its place in a more vintage, relaxed vibe. The Birkenstock comes in a variety of colours and can also come vegan. The trend this time around is 2 colours specifically, the suede taupe or the oiled tobacco. These are two neutral stone-coloured shoes that pretty much go with any colour. 

The grey/stone style is perfect for almost any kind of fit, a light-washed Levi’s 501, a black pair of track pants for your lazy errand day, or typically anything with colour. 

The Birkenstock Boston has been a heavy rotation hitter for many celebrities and influencers, fashion gurus on TikTok have a hard time picking anything over the Boston. 

Victoria Beckham Instagram

Recently, at the Beckham/Peltz wedding, Romeo’s girlfriend Mia Regan wore the suede taupe with her Victoria Beckham blue slip dress. A very unusual look, but overall the 18-year-old chose comfort for the star-studded wedding. 

The groom himself, Brooklyn wore Boston’s as well, the day after the wedding at their celebrated brunch date. This look was made especially for him by Dior’s Mr. Kim Jones, and the tonal look matched his Boston’s as well as he appeared with the suede taupes too. 

The Boston looks like it is going to be hanging around for a while as its popularity keeps rising, many fans and influencers of fashion are still on their way to hopping onto this beloved shoe bandwagon, and we think it’s going to be a long ride. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine