The young brit boy is the eldest son of two of England’s most fashionable- former Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham, and Soccer player turned entrepreneur David Beckham. 

Style Du Monde

After a few years in the limelight, we have noticed that Brooklyn Beckham has taken fashion (not seriously), but he knows how to put a good outfit together, and definitely doesn’t push any crazy boundaries. 

The now 23-year-old married man has been flying from LA to England, New York to Miami and so on and each time he is out and about on the streets he knows how to make something so simple look so fashionable. 


Many might say that he takes his look from his dad David, and yet they are totally right, Brooklyn has a very relaxed, laid back look, that doesn’t involve sportswear or track pants, but usually a vintage t-shirt, a pair of rolled-up dickies and maybe a boot or sneaker depending on the event he is headed off to. 

Unlike his younger brothers Brooklyn never took influenced by pop culture, he stood his ground and at a young age was very mature, probably because he had younger siblings to take care of in the life of a very busy, famous family. 

Vogue France

The young brits style can be labelled pretty easily, it is vintage British style, mostly worn trousers with belts and a tucked-in shirt with a flat cap, something is so easily worn but very hard to pull off. Other than that many could label it as skater boy style, which was developed from the Britsh boy style. Skater boy is a vintage look with a rolled-up pair of dickies, a vintage band t-shirt, a shoelace for a belt and white socks and beat-up vans. 

Brooklyn has pulled off this style very easily because he does not follow trends, he does not wear branded labels like Off-White or Gucci, he is someone who knows that his style is how he represents himself and that is exactly what his parents have taught him. David and Victoria may be celebrity royalty, but they have been known to keep their lavish lifestyle on the down-low, not flashy, not gaudy and definitely not influenced by others. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine