Harry Styles has been a fashion icon for years, but all fashion icons aren’t born with such a sense, they grow into it, learn about it,


take risks and know their boundaries. 

For Harry he has had a few years where his sense was really bad, he was a teenager in the 2010s which is one of the worst years for fashion ever. 

As One Direction got bigger and he got older he grew into his iconic look, a very Saint Laurent-based look of boots, skinny jeans and either a button-down or t-shirt. This look became some of Harry’s best, and over the years he was known to keep it classy and elevate those looks during certain events. 


Now, Harry has not only evolved again but has been able to keep pushing those boundaries and elevate those looks. In his early days Harry had a terrible sense of fashion, he wore Jack and Jones hoodies with baggy loose-rise jeans and weird hats, in less than a year Harry would change his look, style and even his voice. 

In those early YSL days, Harry sure knew how to keep a crowd pleased, with the help of his stylist Harry threw on the same Paige jeans, and the same brown boots and swapped them out for a black or white t-shirt. This was a look where every girl started to fall for the curly-headed kid in the boy band. 


As he got a little older, a little more rich and his hair got a little longer Harry’s clothes became a little more expensive. He would start wearing head-toe Saint Laurent, his flair became more evident, with sparkly boots, a clean pair of black skinny jeans and a few YSL tops that cost more than his whole outfit. 

After his One Direction days, Harry’s style evolved again, probably because he didn’t have an image to obtain, but also because it really evolved. Harry’s look only got more fashionable, collaborating with brands like Gucci and YSL and wearing looks that were more mature. 


His street style in 2021/2022 changed again when Harry went from skinny jeans to baggy jeans, although he kept the vintage tee’s the same. In 2021/2022 Harry went for the same vibe that everyone else in Hollywood was wearing, but no matter what, anything Harry wears can never be pulled off the same with anyone else. 


Harry really evolved his brands, going with brands that were more lowkey, like BODE or started accessorizing in a way, like painting his nails or wearing pearls. These things are what made the rest of Hollywood start doing, he may not be the first in history but in the 2020’s Harry really did set the trend for pearls and nail polish. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine

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