While this year may not be the most conventional, one thing that we are still able to celebrate is the beloved Motionball Gala; a tradition that is known for bringing the community together through the spread of cheer and celebration. This year the Motionball In-Home Gala will be held virtually and will include special feature acts, Karl Wolf, Amaal, stand-up comedy by Gerry Dee, a performance by the talented Special Olympics athlete Ari Reinoso and more. The Motionball Gala will be held to support Motionball, a non-profit built to invigorate communities across Canada, through its fundraising done for the Special Olympics. The Motionball In-Home Gala 2021 will be held on February 5th.

In preparation for this year’s Motionball In-Home Gala, HOLR had the pleasure of interviewing celebrity stylist Julianne Costigan, who gave us an insider scoop on how to look your best for a virtual event. In our interview, Julianne shares key styling tips that will allow you to stand-out at a virtual event. Because a virtual event is so different from an in-person event, Julianne gives us valuable insight into what we should focus on when picking out an outfit and how to convert loungewear into a luxe lounge outfit.

1. With Loungewear dominating fashion, what are some of your favourite trends/looks recently popularized from this clothing style?

Knitwear sets have definitely become my favourite loungewear trend this season. They’re great because of the luxe texture which makes them more elevated than a regular sweatsuit, but still embodies the comfort of loungewear. I also love how fashionable slippers have become. There are so many more fashion-forward slippers available now to complete your loungewear look by coordinating a slipper.

2. How can a loungewear outfit be elevated into a luxe lounge look?

Loungewear can be elevated into luxe lounge by a few simple styling techniques such as coordinating your loungewear by colour (monochromatic or coordinated sets), accessorizing the entire look as you would with your everyday looks (try a headband or a great slipper) and by looking for details in the fabrication of your loungewear that are more luxe (ie feathers, jewelled buttons, fashion-forward silhouettes, silk over cotton).

3. What kind of outfit would you suggest for someone looking to dress in luxe lounge with what’s already in their closet?

You can create a luxe lounge look with items already inside your closet by looking for pieces that have the qualities we love about loungewear (comfort, relaxed fit, feminine details – ie. lace or silk) but that you typically wouldn’t wear to bed. For example, I love silk camisoles and wear them regularly with denim jeans and a blazer. If I were to make the camisole more “luxe lounge” I would pair it with a loose-fitting pant (maybe something monochromatic and/or silk), layer dainty jewellery and put my hair in a ponytail with a silk scrunchie.

4. ​For those who want to dress up for a “night out” (but are staying in the night of Motionball), what kind of outfit would you suggest that anyone could pull off?

My advice for anyone looking to dress up for Motionball’s In-Home Gala would be to pull out a dress or jumpsuit that you LOVE and feel great in but haven’t recently been able to wear. For me, I think I’ll wear a Rachel Zoe metallic fringe dress that I always feel amazing in because of the way the fringe moves on my body. I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it for quite a long time so I’m excited to pull that out for the event. If you’re looking to wear something new and exciting, try renting something fabulous from Fitzroy!

Fitzroy is an amazing way to wear a designer piece for a fraction of the cost. A few of my favourites from Fitzroy right now are:

– Bisset Velvet Striped jumpsuit
– Miri Leopard dress
-Maisie dress by Amanda Uprichard
– Alyssa floral pleated jumpsuit
– Jade dress in leopard

5. What should one focus on when picking out an outfit for a virtual event; are there certain accessories or style tricks that might make one stand out at a virtual event?

The most important tip for picking out an outfit for a virtual event is to put the main focus of your outfit on the top half. Colour and texture is a great way to really stand out. In addition to colour, try experimenting with interesting necklines to avoid blending in with the crowd. The statement sleeve or exaggerated collar are trends we are seeing everywhere right now. These are details that would be a great trend to incorporate to stand out at a virtual event because it is an exaggerated trend and something most attendees would be able to see even on a small screen. Be sure to put effort into your hair, makeup and jewellery.

Styling tip: choose one element to make you stand out (colour, silhouette or accessories), don’t incorporate them all. In this case, the “more is more” technique doesn’t apply because you’ll be seen on a small screen by the other attendees and the “more is more” technique will look chaotic and messy. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd choose one element that makes a statement.