With their instantly recognizable G label, you have likely seen the wines of Graffigna before. Staples on LCBO shelves, the wines of Graffigna make a statement. 

Repping the terroir of Argentina in the glass, the Graffigna Pinot Grigio and Malbec are the must-have wines for all the holiday occasions to come.

Graffigna is one of the wineries that tells the story of Argentinian wine history within their bottles. With over 150 years of winemaking under their belt, this winery is a part of the very fabric of winemaking in the country. It is a sense you genuinely get to imbibe with when you enjoy one of Graffigna’s wines. Made by winemaker Fernando Mengoni, the Graffigna Pinot Grigio and Malbec can currently be found on the Argentina wine shelves of your local LCBO and are welcome compliments to the holiday festivities.

Making Wine With Character

Showing character in the glass, the Pinot Grigio is crafted from Graffigna’s vineyards in San Juan and Mendoza. All from elevated plots on the slopes just off the Andes Mountains, these grapes take in lots of sun as they grow, making a bolder wine than you might expect for a Pinot Grigio. Filled with aromas of fresh citrus notes and floral nuances, with hints of white peach, white pear, and ripe apricot. Followed by a bright, vibrant expression on the palate, with great intensity and a balanced and long-lived finish.

Its red wine counterpart and the jewel in the crown of Argentina winemaking, the Malbec by Graffigna, is crafted from exceptional vineyards from the Uco Valley region—one of the finest viticultural regions, characterized by the climate influence of the Andes mountain range. Malbec is uniquely attuned to this winemaking region. As the vineyards climb up the slope of the Andes, the Malbec grapes growing within them gain more texture, aromas, and structural notes with greater sun exposure. This wine blends vineyards and plots to showcase Malbec’s glory, Graffigna style. It is filled with aroma notes of black cherry, plum, blackberry, and purple flowers and touches of spice and tobacco notes. All complemented by a voluminous and friendly palate with great structure and an easy-to-love finish that keeps you coming back for another sip.

The Story Behind The Bottle

More than showing personality and great flavour in the glass, an excellent wine to pair with every holiday occasion is one with a story behind it. After leaving Italy at 12, Santiago Graffigna came to Argentina to work at his Uncle Juan Graffigna’s winery. The experience was life-changing for him, and he grew to go on and start his own winemaking endeavours in 1870, setting up Graffigna all those decades ago. 

Over a century later, the winery is the third oldest in Argentina and still operating. The winery has always combined its founder’s Italian roots with the winemaking culture of Argentina to craft wines that have this natural make of passion and personality in the glass. 

Argentina is known for being a country of innovation in wine, which rings true with the work of Graffinga. All the wines of Graffinga are created from multi-altitude vineyards with pure meltwater coming from the Andes Mountains, water that allows the wines to be pure by nature’s design. The region’s high exposure to sunlight lets the grapes grow thicker skins that contribute flavour, colour, and texture to the wines. Thanks to these conditions in the Andes Mountains, Graffigna can produce complex wines that have elegance and finesse.

Pair Graffigna Wines With Your Holiday Meal 

Now, all that’s left is what to pair the wines of Graffigna with. These are the kinds of wines you can take to any holiday party. Delicious on their own, the Pinot Grigio and Malbec would welcome pairing partners with nibbles, chips and a good charcuterie or grazing board. 

But if you are upping the ante and going for an evening with a planned guest list and a sit-down dinner, start your night with the Pinot Grigio for lighter options like salads and easy starters before moving into the main course with the Malbec. Bold enough for pork or duck but also pairable with salmon, chicken and hearty veg dishes, this red wine can span the many flavour options that might end up on your holiday table.

Find the Graffigna Malbec and Pinot Grigio at the LCBO now and explore where these delightful Argentinian wines will take you this holiday season.