When you think of the name Ruby, a sultry red color  comes to mind. A precious gemstone which has been  around for centuries. 

Rubeena Bart, who goes by her nickname Ruby – it seems was  predestined to carve-out a career path by creating jewelry. The Ruby Mind is about connecting affirmations and wellness  with precious stones = Harmony Jewelry

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While working in the Dental industry, Ruby turned her dream of  starting her own jewelry business into a reality three years ago. She is based in Toronto. Named after her Grandmother whom she  shares the same birthday with, Rubeena Bart was born in Guyana  and moved to Windsor, Ontario when she was a teenager. 


“This idea came to me when I was going through a difficult  period in my life. A few years ago, a friend of mine gave to me a  feel-good card titled “You Can Do It!” which perfectly  summed up what I needed to hear to steer me in a positive  direction. I loved it! I started to carry it everywhere I went!  Whenever I was feeling down and unmotivated to pursue my  goals, I would read this card and it would always uplift my  mood, encourage and empower me.”

unique gold inspirational bracelet

And then I started to brainstorm how it would be a really cool  idea if I could carry it with me all of the time but in a more  elegant way, to wear, to look at and to feel the words at the same  time.” 

“For me, jewelry has always symbolized feeling good about one’s  self, improving self-esteem and an expression of individuality.” 

The most important aspect is not just about the jewelry that Ruby  creates, it’s about the message and the feeling that each of her pieces carry for the individual. Be fearless because life is a  story!

Each of the items from her collections is created with genuine  care, and some of the materials are imported from around the  world.

beaded pink rose gold and gold bracelets

Gemstones have been therapeutic in human being’s lives for  thousands of years, and we are harmoniously connected to the  earth’s precious stones. So, it only makes sense that we should be  in total harmony whenever we choose to wear jewelry. 


Toronto Pop-Up Shops and Vendor Markets. 

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*Purchases are shipped across Canada and the USA 

My Love For Jewelry 

I’ve always believed that whatever a person dreams he  or she can do, with boldness and power success follows.  As a child I played with fragile pieces of nothingness  and was delighted when these little pieces stuck  together to be an ornament. I like to do things other  people may think impossible. I do not count the hours it  takes to make a single piece of jewelry but I feel the  love I have left in it. The art of jewelry making was  always what I wanted out of life and it is amazing how I  have the opportunity to do it now. If I aim high in hope  and hard work someday I might be honored for what I  give to the fashion world.