Harry Styles, Luka Sabbat, Bad Bunny. What do all these celebrities have in common, they’re all bringing back nail polish like it is the new body art. 

Nail polish is labelled as a female product and when men wear nail polish all the assumptions start rolling in. 

For many years men have worn nail polish. Men in punk and rock and roll always painted their nails, and of course, their manicures weren’t the utmost pristine. But now in 2020, men are bringing back-painted nails and doing manicures with it. 

2020 has become the year where a lot of male celebrities have broken out of their shells, from painting their nails, to wearing more ‘feminine’ clothing, these men have started to break gender stereotypes. 

Many people could say that Harry Styles is the leader of this pack when his clothes, his jewelry and his nails all started to change. With this, many celebrities started to realize that clothes and nails shouldn’t be used as labels, just because these men are confident with their looks doesn’t mean it changes their genders. 

Painted nails have become such a trend that it actually has helped so many people become comfortable with who they are, or who they are trying to be. Many people look up to celebrities, and when celebrities do ‘different’ things, they make it cool. 

For some, painted nails have helped people become comfortable with their identity, especially if that identity is coming to terms with being gay. There are many little boys across the world who have worn nail polish and have been made fun of because of it. Now, male celebrities have helped these little boys become confident with themselves, and stand up to those who do not understand their choices. 

This nail polish trend goes above and beyond just a fashion statement. It is showing the world that there should be no such thing as a label. What you wear and how you act shouldn’t be criticized by the people around you, because your decisions are not up to them. 

The male manicure is a trend that needs to stay. Whether for fashion, or music, or to make a statement about your gender or sexuality, it shouldn’t matter why you are wearing nail polish, it should only matter if the colour makes you happy.