Many people in the public eye have made it clear that they have or do go to therapy. Therapy always has connotations around the idea that if you went to therapy it was because you’re ‘damaged’ but you don’t need to go to therapy because you’re damaged, you go because it feels good. 

As you get older, there are things you need to deal with that may not seem suitable for your friends to help you through, It could be because you deal with different things than then, or because you live a completely different lifestyle that they wouldn’t be able to comprehend. Well, for cases like those, it’s always good to go get an unbiased and professional opinion to help you out. 

Many celebrities are known to go to therapy. One reason is that they can afford it, the other is because they live these crazy lifestyles that they need to figure out. Celebs like Jon Ham, Jessica Alba, Dakota Johnson, Pete Davidson, all admit they can’t live without it, and they all go for very different reasons. 

As celebrities are just like us, they too deal with the same problems we have, anxiety and depression are the two most common factors when going to therapy, and if you are someone who deals with that, just know it is okay, we all deal with things, and we deal with them differently. 

It might sound amazing to be able to go to therapy, especially when celebrities ‘can’t live without it’ but it can cost a lot of money, and people who can’t afford it find other ways to cope, or forget about their problems. But, there are always ways to go to therapy on a budget. 

Therapists know how important therapy is, so some of them depending on your income status will charge based on how much you can pay, while others allow it to be covered under insurance. If this isn’t an option, there are many mental health clinics that allow you to join with little to no cost, or have call centers that you can anonymously call a trained professional to talk and help you through what you are feeling. 

If you think you need someone to talk to, no matter how big or small your issue may be, try out therapy, you might find it more enjoyable than you think.